Net Connection Still Unstable

So this is day three of the uncertain net connection. A tech is supposed to be here tomorrow (yes, on Sunday) to replace the cable modem, as it is supposedly the culprit. I do not, in all honesty, anticipate having or spending the time to get all caught up on LJ. Sorry. Please point me to anything you really wanted me to comment on, okay?

sambear and I had an extremely productive session with our therapist Thursday night, and a good family meeting afterward. I’m feeling very optimistic about the coming months. We celebrated Beltane privately, and all was good.

sambear made incredibly delicious teriyaki chicken breasts Thursday night. I had one in a sandwich yesterday. This is what fast-food chicken sandwiches try for, and miss. Delicious!

We’re about to leave to continue the search for our new demesne. We visited two places yesterday, both of which had strong pros and cons. Either would be far more convenient for most commutes than our current home and less expensive to boot.

The kids are spending the weekend with family, which gives me and sambear time to do the home search thing. We enjoyed our D&D game with leduck and company last night. wordcandlemage joined us, but curiousmay9 wasn’t able to do so this time and we missed her.

Tonight we have the filk. We haven’t heard from many people, so we’ll just see how many do or don’t show up. Two of our favorite people did RSVP, and honestly, we’d have a good time even if they’re the only ones who did come. There’s a possibility that another very nice person will be coming from out of town. Sometimes small is good. We’ll just see what happens.

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