Net Connection Still Unstable

So this is day three of the uncer­tain net con­nec­tion. A tech is sup­posed to be here tomor­row (yes, on Sun­day) to replace the cable modem, as it is sup­pos­ed­ly the cul­prit. I do not, in all hon­esty, antic­i­pate hav­ing or spend­ing the time to get all caught up on LJ. Sor­ry. Please point me to any­thing you real­ly want­ed me to com­ment on, okay?

sam­bear and I had an extreme­ly pro­duc­tive ses­sion with our ther­a­pist Thurs­day night, and a good fam­i­ly meet­ing after­ward. I’m feel­ing very opti­mistic about the com­ing months. We cel­e­brat­ed Beltane pri­vate­ly, and all was good.

sam­bear made incred­i­bly deli­cious teriya­ki chick­en breasts Thurs­day night. I had one in a sand­wich yes­ter­day. This is what fast-food chick­en sand­wich­es try for, and miss. Delicious!

We’re about to leave to con­tin­ue the search for our new demesne. We vis­it­ed two places yes­ter­day, both of which had strong pros and cons. Either would be far more con­ve­nient for most com­mutes than our cur­rent home and less expen­sive to boot.

The kids are spend­ing the week­end with fam­i­ly, which gives me and sam­bear time to do the home search thing. We enjoyed our D&D game with leduck and com­pa­ny last night. word­can­dlemage joined us, but curiousmay9 was­n’t able to do so this time and we missed her.

Tonight we have the filk. We haven’t heard from many peo­ple, so we’ll just see how many do or don’t show up. Two of our favorite peo­ple did RSVP, and hon­est­ly, we’d have a good time even if they’re the only ones who did come. There’s a pos­si­bil­i­ty that anoth­er very nice per­son will be com­ing from out of town. Some­times small is good. We’ll just see what happens.

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