It seems that my grades are finally in.

Stupid required computer class: 93.54, and it was that low because the lazy fool teaching it refused to correct the WRONG answers in the computerized tests. Seriously—she never argued that the answers weren’t wrong. She just refused to adjust the grades. For instance, on one quiz, her answer insisted that all HTML tags occur in pairs. Um, no, idiot. Despite examples, she’s too lazy to correct the tests. The class began with an “introduction” to computers in general, specifically to Windows PCs, and never got past simple Word (not anything like mail merge), Excel (not even up to pivot tables), and the simplest of PowerPoint presentations. I want my time back.

Statistics: 99.54. Not bad for my first math class since 1985 or so, math phobia be damned! The professor never graded three of my quizzes, but I’m fairly sure I did well, and apparently I didn’t need them. I got 196/200 points on the final, and precisely what I missed is driving me crackers. Why, yes, I am obsessive-compulsive, why do you ask?

It was most likely the one question where I couldn’t even begin to figure out just what he was asking. It was a four-part question, and I know I got two parts right (those were pretty clear). The other two were random guesses. 25 questions total (most having multiple parts) means that I probably got half of that question (#17, as I recall) wrong, which would be 4 points out of the 200. I guess that was it, then. I wish I knew the right answers, though!

Now—how do I retain what I learned in the statistics course, which could be the single most useful course I have ever taken in my life? I can definitely see the professional applications when I’m working again, but here at home, I don’t have a whole lot of reasons for those calculations.

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4 thoughts on “Grades!

  1. Congratulations on the grades! Sounds like you had a good semester.

    My experience with stats is that you have to keep using them to retain them. Maybe you need to take more stats courses…

  2. Thank you!

    I’d definitely take more stats courses if they were offered, but they aren’t at this school. They don’t offer anything but the barest necessities in any department, it seems 🙁

  3. Don’t you just hate foolish teachers who are too proud to admit when they are wrong?

    Congrats on the FANTASTIC GRADES!!! I guess all that hard work does pay off, huh?

    Have you considered doing any online courses? I’m not sure what’s out there, but you would think there would be something along the line you are needing.


  4. Thanks, Victoria 🙂 I’m taking online courses this semester – my school has both, and my body said it had to have a break.

    I really think the woman wasn’t proud so much as lazy. She said she took the tests straight from the textbook publisher. If I hadn’t gotten an A, I would have filed a protest with the school.

    She also screwed up with two online quizzes and didn’t set up a place for the grade to go, resulting in them not being counted for those of us who took them. She told us she’d give us 30 points of extra credit for an in-class assignment we did instead, then never gave it to me, at least. Since extra-credit is ABSOLUTELY against school policies, I was wondering how she’d get away with that, and was ready to use that against her too.

    Yes, I am a bitch and have no problem admitting it 🙂 I’ll just be avoiding her from here on out. She’s incompetent.

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