I’m two days into a week of no antihistamines, while the pollen levels keep going up and up. This is to prepare for allergy tests on Tuesday.

And then my MS Contin (morphine sulfate) was stolen yesterday.

Getting a replacement for that isn’t easy. I filed a police report, as required.

The new cleaner who had been here was fired by our cleaning service, although she insists she didn’t do it. She had motive and opportunity. She knew it was there, because of a rambling conversation we’d had.

I left a message for my doctor, but I’m having to accept that I may just have to do without pain meds until my next appointment, which is also Tuesday.

I was already in a flare. This really isn’t a good time. But there isn’t a good time for such things, is there?

Current Mood: 😡grumpy
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