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Taken from star­wolf. My answers aren’t near­ly as poet­ic as hers.

silenceleigh wrote a post about the inter­view she gives to new char­ac­ters she’s thought of. It’s more inter­est­ing than most of the inter­view memes, so I’m going to use it. If you do the same, please let me know so I can read your answers, and leave the cred­it to silenceleigh in your post.

1. What do you look like, and how old are you?
I’m about 5’7, fat, and pear-shaped. I have very fair skin and short, dark brown hair with lots of red high­lights, going grey at the tem­ples. I have green eyes, which are usu­al­ly hid­den by my glass­es, though I do wear con­tacts at times.

2. Do you have any pieces of cloth­ing or jew­el­ry that you love? What do those look like?
I’m pret­ty fond of a dan­g­ly pair of Celtic knot ear­rings at the moment. I’m miss­ing my knot­work bracelet, which I need to fix. I’ve got­ten out of the habit of wear­ing most jew­el­ry, but I like rings a lot.

3. What are your friends like? What sort of soci­ety do you trav­el in?
An accept­ing one 🙂 My friends are most­ly queer or queer-friend­ly, polyamorous (or accept­ing of it), and either not very spir­i­tu­al or on lib­er­al paths (pagan, UU, lov­ing Chris­tian­i­ty, etc.). They are very inter­est­ing, intel­li­gent, and cre­ative, with very live­ly sens­es of humor.

4. What was life like for you grow­ing up?
A mix of great and ter­ri­ble. I was sex­u­al­ly abused as a child (not in my home!) and there was alco­holism, phys­i­cal, ver­bal, and spir­i­tu­al abuse in our home. That home was far more sta­ble and safe than many oth­er peo­ple’s were, though. My par­ents are still togeth­er and con­tin­ue to be a part of my life. They did a good job of rear­ing us to be respon­si­ble adults.

5. If your cur­rent life was more or less burned down and you could keep only one thing or per­son, what or who would it be?
That is a VERY hard ques­tion! Katie is my pri­or­i­ty, though.

6. Is there any­one who hates you? Do they have a good rea­son? (Note: most char­ac­ters will lie about that sec­ond ques­tion, but their lies are often enlightening.)
Yes. And yes, by their lights, though not by mine.

Edit: 6a, added by me: Is there any­one you hate? Do you have a good reason?
Yes, there are peo­ple I hate. They’ve delib­er­ate­ly harmed me and mine, which I con­sid­er a damned good reason.

7. Are you reli­gious? What form does your reli­gion take?
I’m not a reli­gious per­son at all. I am spir­i­tu­al, in a fair­ly qui­et way. I don’t do for­mal rit­u­als for the most part.

8. What are you attached to? Does it bring you joy, sor­row, or both?
My cho­sen fam­i­ly, my cir­cle of friends, my fam­i­ly of ori­gin. They bring me joy far more than sorrow.

9. What do you think of peo­ple who don’t fol­low your moral or eth­i­cal code?
They have a right to live their way, as long as they do not infringe on my or oth­ers’ rights in doing so.

10. What is your def­i­n­i­tion of evil? Good?
Evil is delib­er­ate­ly harm­ing oth­ers, sim­ply because you can or want to see them hurt­ing. Good is doing the right thing, even when it isn’t the easy thing.

11. What have you giv­en up to become who you are?
I’ve exchanged some inde­pen­dence for interdependence.

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