Defining Hate

One of the questions in that last post made me think about the definition of hate.

I also think that adding “is there anyone you hate?” might make sense. In fact, I went back and did so.

sambear taught his children that to say you hate someone means that you want that person dead.

I find it useful to think of hate as the opposite of love in some ways, but not in others.

To love someone is to act in that person’s best interests, to actively care for them.

Hate drives some people to actively try to harm another. I’ve been targeted by that kind of person.

I don’t understand, honestly, what makes someone put energy into maintaining a relationship with someone they hate. The only energy I put into such things is to make sure that person cannot harm me and mine and to protect others if I can do that in some way. I do not find such people worth attacking. I have better things to do with my time and energy.

There are definitely people I hate in this world. Every one of them has deliberately done harm to me or someone I love. None of those people were acting in self-defense. They attacked because they wanted to cause harm. I consider them evil.

If, however, I was to attack them solely to cause harm, I would lower myself to their level. They aren’t worth that. Not even close.

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