Geekery, School, and Migraine

The Samba server lives! And it serves both printers, and I made a PDF server so that anyone on our LAN can create PDFs. Legally, even. For free. Now I wanna set up a fax server—not that we need to fax anything very frequently, I just wanna do it to see if I can make it work.

Katie has her PC in her room, with a network connection. I hope to have a PC in the guest room before too long.

Sam and Katie are able to sync their PDAs from their machines. I got an email from Palm Support this morning saying that they’ve shipped mine back, so I should have it in a couple of days.

Two of my classes are meeting online today. I need to do the work for the third tonight, but I don’t have the text. It should be arriving from Amazon at any minute now, though! (Sam is SUCH a sweetie!)

Yes, I still have the migraine. It’s been a full week now. Dammit.

Current Mood: accomplished
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