DJ Sam

Dear Gods. Sam got this thing that’s allow­ing him to broad­cast to all the radios in the house from his PC, and he’s absolute­ly dan­ger­ous. I love the man, but he’s very, very silly!


Every­where we go, I keep see­ing baby things and think­ing of ga_sunshine’s Lit­tle Cherub! I have glit­ter crayons, reg­u­lar crayons (a fresh box of 100), and this neato “easy select” box of 64 col­ored pen­cils so they’re all in four…

Geekery, School, and Migraine

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The Sam­ba serv­er lives! And it serves both print­ers, and I made a PDF serv­er so that any­one on our LAN can cre­ate PDFs. Legal­ly, even. For free. Now I wan­na set up a fax server—not that we need to…

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