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My sweet curiousmay9 is much more of a TV watcher than we were before, and she’s a bad influence!

She bought a ReplayTV, and sambear got it working last week. We need to get a wireless USB adapter for it, so we can remove the icky cable running to it in the living room, but otherwise, it’s chugging along nicely.

What programs should we add to the recording?

Alias is the only thing I get upset about missing. The Leo is fond of Stargate, and she and Sam like Enterprise. shadowkatt loves Cowboy Bebop. Sam programmed in Teen Titans, and I added Battlestar Galactica to check out the new version.

I found myself watching CSI for the first time last night, and I can see why people get addicted to it. The visuals are pretty gross, though, as I’m not accustomed to seeing such realistic depictions of corpses. Ick.

I watched an episode of Law & Order, too. I thought it always went through to the trial stage? This one didn’t, just ended with an outburst from the murderer that pretty much served as a confession.

I’d forgotten how stupid commercials are, though. I’m accustomed to just zipping through them. Still, the TV made the tedious paperwork I was doing a little easier to bear.

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