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For the last couple of months, curiousmay9 has been treating both of us (and shadowkatt on occasion) with trigger point therapy.1For those of you who have tried pan-dimensional healing (see pan_dimensional for more information), I think they work in similar ways.

It works. It really works, and it’s making a major positive difference in my life. I’m off all painkillers but ibuprofen 90% of the time, and have only taken one muscle relaxant this month. I’ve been able to get a lot more done, as I’ve had more energy as a result of decreased pain.

I can’t recommend it strongly enough for anyone dealing with any kind of chronic health problem, or who is just interested in drug-free ways to deal with the occasional physical nuisance. We have a Theracane that we use to treat spots that are hard to reach for ourselves.

I am eating more healthily than ever, thanks also to curiousmay9. I rejoined Weight Watchers a couple of weeks back, and even managed to lose 3 lbs. over Thanksgiving (I still can’t figure that one out). As before, I have more problems eating as much per day as they prescribe than keeping within my “points.”

So, other than some roughness while I transition from one other kind of medication to another that’s been shown to help fibromyalgia patients, I’m feeling much better, and I’m thankful for it.

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