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I saw my rheuma­tol­o­gist yes­ter­day to get the let­ters I need­ed for school. As I sus­pect­ed, she does­n’t use real let­ter­head. Now, I can make up let­ter­head in MS Word that will look extreme­ly pro­fes­sion­al, and nobody will know that it did­n’t come from a print­er. But that isn’t the case with her office.

No, the appear­ance of a let­ter depends entire­ly on who typed it up. I had actu­al­ly writ­ten drafts of the let­ters for her, know­ing from past expe­ri­ence that it isn’t pos­si­ble to get any­thing but a hand-scrib­bled note from her any oth­er way. I took them to her on a flop­py disk.

One let­ter, done by some­one who I believe to be the office man­ag­er, has an almost-pass­able let­ter­head look. Except that there are no phone num­bers, which is a pret­ty stan­dard thing for letterhead.

The oth­er has the name of the prac­tice, address, phone, and fax num­bers in great big let­ters cen­tered at the top of the first page. They look like a title and sub­ti­tle for a report.

In any case, the dis­abil­i­ty office at SPSU isn’t exact­ly the pin­na­cle of pro­fes­sion­al­ism, either, so I doubt they’ll care. For­tu­nate­ly, the pseu­do-let­ter­head ver­sion is the one that went to my depart­ment, which is full of peo­ple who do very much notice such things.

I did get the “and I want a pony” dis­abil­i­ty let­ter. As I explained to the doc­tor, I’m ask­ing for every kind of accom­mo­da­tion I could pos­si­bly think of. Even if I don’t need it. I know they won’t give me a quar­ter of them, but I’ll try, dammit. The doc­tor had absolute­ly no prob­lem sign­ing it, though she made a cou­ple of changes.

I noticed after leav­ing the office that I have some new offi­cial diag­noses—enthe­sopa­thy, anky­los­ing spondyli­tis, and DDD. She’s men­tioned the sec­ond thing in the past, although before I think she just said some­thing about “spondy­loarthopa­thy.” I think DDD refers to degen­er­a­tive disc dis­ease—or at least, that’s the only like­ly thing I’m find­ing via Google. Those with med­ical knowl­edge are def­i­nite­ly asked to cor­rect me or shed light on “DDD.”

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