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Friday Miscellany

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The woman who took this pic­ture AND her hus­band have been fired because of the pho­to­graph. I’m not putting this par­tic­u­lar pho­to behind a cut.

Yep, that’s a very dan­ger­ous pho­to­graph, isn’t it? It is if you’re try­ing to keep peo­ple from real­ly being aware of just how many peo­ple are dying every day in Iraq.

I think this is the only rea­son Bush has any sup­port at all: In Spite of Media Cov­er­age, Wide­spread Belief in Weapons of Mass Destruc­tion and Iraqi Links to Al Qae­da Remain Vir­tu­al­ly Unchanged

The Defense of Cir­cum­ci­sion Act

Penn Jil­lette recent­ly said, “There is no dif­fer­ence between Mel Gib­son’s faith and the ter­ror­ist’s faith. We have no evi­dence that there was a his­toric Jesus, we have no evi­dence that he died for our sins. We have no evi­dence, that we can agree on, for any of that. If you look at the dis­tri­b­u­tion of reli­gion, it tends to be geo­graph­i­cal and not intel­lec­tu­al, which is a anoth­er discussion.”

I like today’s Some­thing Pos­i­tive. A lot.

Dri­ven To Dis­trac­tion: Adults are as scat­ter­brained as kids. And the dis­or­der may be root­ed in basic biology

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