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The woman who took this picture AND her husband have been fired because of the photograph. I’m not putting this particular photo behind a cut.

Yep, that’s a very dangerous photograph, isn’t it? It is if you’re trying to keep people from really being aware of just how many people are dying every day in Iraq.

I think this is the only reason Bush has any support at all: In Spite of Media Coverage, Widespread Belief in Weapons of Mass Destruction and Iraqi Links to Al Qaeda Remain Virtually Unchanged

The Defense of Circumcision Act

Penn Jillette recently said, “There is no difference between Mel Gibson’s faith and the terrorist’s faith. We have no evidence that there was a historic Jesus, we have no evidence that he died for our sins. We have no evidence, that we can agree on, for any of that. If you look at the distribution of religion, it tends to be geographical and not intellectual, which is a another discussion.”

I like today’s Something Positive. A lot.

Driven To Distraction: Adults are as scatterbrained as kids. And the disorder may be rooted in basic biology

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