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Where­in I afflict you with selec­tions from my email…

hopeev­ey, are you still deal­ing with that cough? This was in Dr. Weil’s newslet­ter today:
Today’s Tip: Deal­ing with Chest Congestion?
To help relieve head and chest con­ges­tion, as well as malaise and chills, try this pow­er­ful tea: grate a one-inch piece of fresh peeled gin­ger root. Place it in a pot with two cups of cold water, bring to a boil, low­er heat and sim­mer for five min­utes. Add one half-tea­spoon of cayenne pep­per (or more or less to taste) and sim­mer one minute more. Remove from heat. Add two table­spoons of fresh lemon juice, hon­ey to taste, and one or two cloves of mashed gar­lic. Let cool slight­ly and strain if desired. Then get under some warm cov­ers and enjoy.

Seat­tle may­or to rec­og­nize mar­riages of gay city workers
Vows to extend pro­tec­tions to same-sex cou­ples citywide

Until you make peace with who you are, you’ll nev­er be con­tent with what you have.
–Doris Mortman

The Homo­sex­u­al Agenda!

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