Taking the Castle!

We have a key to the Cas­tle! I need to get by Home Depot to get copies made. We have mea­sure­ments of the rooms, too. I still need mea­sure­ments of the win­dows so we can update the treatments.

I def­i­nite­ly want to paint the mas­ter bed­room and attached sit­ting room, and shad­owkatt wants to paint her bed­room. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, I am utter­ly USELESS when it comes to such endeav­ors. I promise to feed any­one who will paint, though!

We’ll be shop­ping for a new stove to replace the one that’s in place before mov­ing in, and mak­ing some changes in the upstairs bath. There are quite a few light fix­tures that need to be replaced — some­body was WAY too fond of small chan­de­lier-type things. There are even two of them in our bath­room! I want to look around at light­ing options for bath­rooms. I’d real­ly pre­fer very, very good light­ing in there so that I can real­ly see to do my make­up well.

We’ll be mov­ing the ceil­ing fan that’s in our bed­room here to the new bed­room there. I’d real­ly like to put the one in the liv­ing room in our sit­ting room, but there isn’t a box in place for that. How hard are they to put in?

We’ll be run­ning lots of net­work cable as well, and some cable TV con­nec­tions. Actu­al­ly, we won’t have cable TV, but satel­lite, and I’m not at all sure of how the con­nec­tions for that have to happen.

curiousmay9 has decid­ed to replace the car­pet in her bed­room and the next room, which will be an office/guest room, with hard­wood. I’m won­der­ing how much it would cost to do the same in our rooms. The plan it to even­tu­al­ly replace all the car­pet with wood.

The garage door open­er isn’t work­ing at the moment, but we did­n’t have a steplad­der or the incli­na­tion to exam­ine it close­ly today.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, I’m exhaust­ed and have devel­oped a migraine. My throat is sore, too, so we may not make the filk tonight.

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