Taking the Castle!

We have a key to the Castle! I need to get by Home Depot to get copies made. We have measurements of the rooms, too. I still need measurements of the windows so we can update the treatments.

I definitely want to paint the master bedroom and attached sitting room, and shadowkatt wants to paint her bedroom. Unfortunately, I am utterly USELESS when it comes to such endeavors. I promise to feed anyone who will paint, though!

We’ll be shopping for a new stove to replace the one that’s in place before moving in, and making some changes in the upstairs bath. There are quite a few light fixtures that need to be replaced – somebody was WAY too fond of small chandelier-type things. There are even two of them in our bathroom! I want to look around at lighting options for bathrooms. I’d really prefer very, very good lighting in there so that I can really see to do my makeup well.

We’ll be moving the ceiling fan that’s in our bedroom here to the new bedroom there. I’d really like to put the one in the living room in our sitting room, but there isn’t a box in place for that. How hard are they to put in?

We’ll be running lots of network cable as well, and some cable TV connections. Actually, we won’t have cable TV, but satellite, and I’m not at all sure of how the connections for that have to happen.

curiousmay9 has decided to replace the carpet in her bedroom and the next room, which will be an office/guest room, with hardwood. I’m wondering how much it would cost to do the same in our rooms. The plan it to eventually replace all the carpet with wood.

The garage door opener isn’t working at the moment, but we didn’t have a stepladder or the inclination to examine it closely today.

Unfortunately, I’m exhausted and have developed a migraine. My throat is sore, too, so we may not make the filk tonight.

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