Midterm Done!

I did my midterm, so I am officially 100% caught up with all my current classes. I’m still slogging through the Aeneid. I’m pretty much burned out on epics at the moment, so it’s slow going.

I think I did fine on the midterm, but it would be nice to get SOME feedback on what I’ve done already! I have no idea whether this woman is okay with my writing style or anything. Two of the four questions on the test involved matching characters to a phrase that described them, one asked for a paragraph as an answer, and the last (40% of the grade) was an essay question.

The questions were numbered 1, 2, 4 and 5. The proctor and I checked very carefully, and there just wasn’t a question 3.

I’m not accustomed to writing longhand much at all, so my hand got tired very quickly. I wish they’d let us do the tests on a PC!

We’re off to the Castle, and then I’m hoping to get a nap in before the filk tonight.

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