And She’s Got a Ph.D. in English?

This is friends-only simply in case the professor ever follows the link in my .sig here. I doubt it, but anyway…

Remember me saying that I’m less than impressed with this professor?

This is copied directly from the class site:

Discussion Questions

(select 2)

1. Consider the ways in which gods and mortals interact using the following:
Gilgamesh and Lugulbanda
Gilgamesh and Ishtar
Gilgamesh and Ninsun
Post your response in the ‘Unit 3 Gilgamesh #1.’

2. The role of women in Gilgamesh or rather the process of civilizing Enkidu. Do you see any similarities between Eve and the harlot in Gilgamesh? Post your response in the ‘Unit 3 Gilgamesh #2.’

3. The tragedy of mortality — the tragedy gains poignance by the absence ?? of a well developed system of belief in afterlife. Post your response in the ‘Unit 3 Gilgamesh #3.’

4. The concept of the city — Uruk- in terms of splendor and grandeur. How does it contrast with the modern view of the city? Post your response in the ‘Unit 3 Gilgamesh #4.’

5. Explore the mythical elements in Gilgamesh – episodes presented as a means of interpreting natural events — abundant interaction of supernatural elements with mankind — and less concern with moral didacticism are probably some leads for you to consider. Post your response in the ‘Unit 3 Gilgamesh #5.’


I find it absolutely painful to read this woman’s words. Apparently “proofreading” and “spell checking” are foreign concepts. I dread the mid-term, as the quiz questions often make no sense at all.

The woman holds a Ph.D. in English. She’s a full professor at Fort Valley State University. She’s also “Chair of Distance Learning & Online Instruction Task Force.”

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