Soft Addictions

Let It Go: Tam­ing Soft Addic­tions “I began speak­ing more deeply from my heart about my feel­ings,” Wright tells Web­MD. “I took more walks in the park, lis­tened to great music, med­i­tat­ed, start­ed bring­ing in flow­ers. The oth­er things [her…


hopeev­ey asked: What would your friends and fam­i­ly say is your true call­ing? Are they cor­rect? Why or why not? And I had no idea how to answer her. So I’ll ask you—what do you think my “true call­ing” is? Why?

Poem: Waking

Waking by Stephen Dobyns Wak­ing, I look at you sleep­ing beside me. It is ear­ly and the baby in her crib has begun her con­ver­sa­tion with the gods that direct her, coo­ing and mak­ing small hoots. Watch­ing you, I see how your face…

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