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Well, I’d best give myself a break on that procrastination thing—I haven’t been able to log in to WebCT, where all the assignment info is. I’ve contacted the support people to no avail. Hopefully, I will EVENTUALLY hear from them. I’ve decided that I can’t hold myself responsible for their system failure, since I am trying to get it straightened out.

As for next semester, I wanted to take geology to fill my other lab science requirement. Unfortunately, the ECore people have a history syllabus up where the geology syllabus should be. Apparently, it’s been that way for a year and I’m the first person to mention it! The head of the science department at SPSU has to look at a real syllabus for the geology course in order to decide whether or not it’ll count. We’re getting down to the wire and nobody seems to be able to fix the issue, so I’m going to take chemistry instead. I had two years of chemistry in high school, so it shouldn’t really be hard—but I was looking forward to doing something different. I’ve had an affinity for rocks and crystals since childhood, so I’m a bit disappointed.

shadowkatt will be leaving shortly for the weekend full of Girl Scout and extended family activities. We have gamers coming over to play D&D tonight and hope to make the filk tomorrow night.

The house is looking pretty good. The reward for maintaining things well is that we don’t have to rush around cleaning to have guests over. The office is still cluttered, but I’m started to believe that may just be its natural state. I’m not giving up yet, though! (And it does look better as a result of sambear putting away the “workbench” used for fixing other people’s PCs.)

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