Still to Do This Weekend

Still to come (this weekend, I hope):

  • Hang up a speaker shelf in the living room.
  • Get a phone connected in the living room. I wish we had another of the phone/intercom handsets we found at Sam’s Club a few months back. I still think that if we had two sets and set them up the same, all six handsets should be able to talk to each other. Wouldn’t that make sense? I don’t know how those things work in any real sense, though.
  • Hang the marker/magnetic board in the office. We had a misunderstanding regarding its placement, but that has been cleared up.
  • Find the old marker board and hang it in the kitchen if possible.
  • Put a load of stuff in the car to take to appropriate charities.
  • Finish the laundry (I’ve already done lots, but need to run pick up more laundry detergent). I’m washing all the bedding, which takes all day.
  • Refill the bird feeders.
  • Find a good container for water for the birds & other critters.
  • Sweep the porch.
  • Repot one of the plants.
  • Pick up some prescriptions.
  • Homework.
  • Bathe Shelley.
  • Go through the software to identify all the CD-ROMs and floppies that are floating around the house.
  • It would be good to get the car washed and vacuumed and its carpets cleaned, but I’m not optimistic at the moment. The vacuum cleaner is acting a bit wonky, anyway.

    I’d like to get the transmitter for Radio Free Sambear hung up more securely, but we need more audio cable to do that properly, and right now we aren’t spending money on anything that isn’t vital.

    We also need to go to a hardware store and look for something cheap that would make a good handle for the under-sink wastebasket we got on sale at the Container Store a while back. Finding one will mean that we can use that instead of the other trash can. There’s just nowhere in the kitchen for a regular trash can—every location is in the way somehow.

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