Still to Do This Weekend

Still to come (this week­end, I hope):

  • Hang up a speak­er shelf in the liv­ing room.
  • Get a phone con­nect­ed in the liv­ing room. I wish we had anoth­er of the phone/intercom hand­sets we found at Sam’s Club a few months back. I still think that if we had two sets and set them up the same, all six hand­sets should be able to talk to each oth­er. Would­n’t that make sense? I don’t know how those things work in any real sense, though.
  • Hang the marker/magnetic board in the office. We had a mis­un­der­stand­ing regard­ing its place­ment, but that has been cleared up.
  • Find the old mark­er board and hang it in the kitchen if possible.
  • Put a load of stuff in the car to take to appro­pri­ate charities.
  • Fin­ish the laun­dry (I’ve already done lots, but need to run pick up more laun­dry deter­gent). I’m wash­ing all the bed­ding, which takes all day.
  • Refill the bird feeders.
  • Find a good con­tain­er for water for the birds & oth­er critters.
  • Sweep the porch.
  • Repot one of the plants.
  • Pick up some prescriptions.
  • Home­work.
  • Bathe Shel­ley.
  • Go through the soft­ware to iden­ti­fy all the CD-ROMs and flop­pies that are float­ing around the house.
  • It would be good to get the car washed and vac­u­umed and its car­pets cleaned, but I’m not opti­mistic at the moment. The vac­u­um clean­er is act­ing a bit wonky, anyway.

    I’d like to get the trans­mit­ter for Radio Free Sam­bear hung up more secure­ly, but we need more audio cable to do that prop­er­ly, and right now we aren’t spend­ing mon­ey on any­thing that isn’t vital.

    We also need to go to a hard­ware store and look for some­thing cheap that would make a good han­dle for the under-sink waste­bas­ket we got on sale at the Con­tain­er Store a while back. Find­ing one will mean that we can use that instead of the oth­er trash can. There’s just nowhere in the kitchen for a reg­u­lar trash can—every loca­tion is in the way somehow.

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