Allergy Tests for the Girl

To the uni­verse, because you have to ask, clear­ly, for what you need/want.
I need a good lap­top com­put­er, please. I am specif­i­cal­ly ask­ing that one come into my life soon. Thank you.

Inter­est­ing bits from a Web­MD newsletter:

Fibromyal­gia Comes in 3 Shapes and Sizes
Mood prob­lems have tra­di­tion­al­ly been thought to be among the most com­mon fibromyal­gia symp­toms. But now researchers are say­ing that psy­cho­log­i­cal dis­tur­bances are actu­al­ly found in only a small num­ber of patients.

New Clues to Resis­tant Depression
Peo­ple with treat­ment-resis­tant depres­sion have abnor­mal reac­tions to mood-induc­ing cues, brain scans show.

Cre­ativ­i­ty, Psy­chosis Share Source
Peo­ple who can’t ignore irrel­e­vant infor­ma­tion might be suf­fer­ing from men­tal ill­ness. Or they might high­ly creative.

shad­owkatt had her first round of aller­gy test­ing this morning—FINALLY! She has lived on increas­ing­ly inef­fec­tive anti­his­t­a­mines for years now, and pri­or pedi­a­tri­cians did­n’t want to refer her to an aller­gist. Hap­pi­ly, she has­n’t shown any signs of asth­ma that plagued her father’s child­hood or that I devel­oped as an adult. 

She’s had one “asth­ma attack” but she was in a closed room at a friend’s house at the time, with sev­er­al scent­ed can­dles and dif­fer­ent sorts of incense burn­ing. That fam­i­ly does­n’t main­tain the same stan­dards of clean­li­ness that we do and has fer­rets, birds, cats, and dogs in the house. I fig­ure that could have put ANYONE into an asth­ma attack!

She’s very aller­gic to dust, and some­what aller­gic to cat dan­der. No sur­pris­es there—her father was aller­gic to both, and so am I. I need to see about get­ting her new aller­gen-bar­ri­er mat­tress and pil­low cov­ers. I’m glad we won’t have car­pet in the new place, but that’s still over 6 months away so for now I fig­ure steam-clean­ing the car­pets more fre­quent­ly is the best we can do. She has far few­er stuffed ani­mals in her room now, which is good as they are major dust-catch­ers. We need to go back to HEPA air clean­ers in the house, espe­cial­ly in her bedroom.

She goes back for a more inten­sive round of tests on 10/21.

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