I seem to have come around to another cycle of decluttering, getting my priorities straight, etc. I feel that I’ve been a little stalled for a month or two, and that it’s time to move forward again. So I’ve been thinking about how I spend my time.

Actually, my body has been telling me in more and more intrusive ways that I’m spending entirely too much time sitting at this PC, and I need to make better use of the time that I do spend here. That means less time on LJ, and more on writing and school and so on.

Yes, that means that I’m removing some people from my friends list. I do wish they didn’t call it that—I’d prefer something like “subscription list” or “watch list” or whatever. I’m dropping some communities and RSS feeds, as well, but honestly, most of my time on LJ is spent reading people’s entries, not on communities or RSS feeds. I don’t mind skimming them, but I feel compelled to read the entries of people on my friends list, period.

If I took you off that list, it says absolutely nothing about how I feel about you, how much I value you, etc. It says nothing about what I think of your writing or whatever. It just means that I don’t have time to read the journals of all the marvelous people I’ve encountered here in LJ land.

As I very seldom make any friends-only posts, this shouldn’t really affect anyone who wants to read my journal. I don’t get offended by people taking me off their lists, so feel free to do so if you like.

Edit: Since someone asked, I went from 267 friends to 135.

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