Still have the migraine. EWWWW!

Okay, that’s enough with the whining. My baby had four teeth pulled today. Sam (he took her because of the migraine) is on the way home with her now. He reports that she’s fine.

devichan and docrailgun arrived with arrived with daughter last night. She is a delightful child! They’re nice folks, but the girl is so cute I just want to keep her. And such marvelous manners!

We’re dogsitting for tbrents while he’s at D*C. Unfortunately, Patches is not handling the separation very well so far. She snapped at the girl this morning, but that’s because she was backed into a corner while frightened (that won’t happen again). They were both scared and upset after that. At least now (with just me and Patches in the apartment), the dog has gone from huddling by the front door, hoping Tim will return NOW to checking in with me every few minutes, then going back to sit on the couch where Tim was sitting a few days ago. I should have asked him for a shirt he’s worn so she would have something with his scent on it.

We won’t be hosting curiousmay9‘s new kitten this weekend after all. He’s got kennel cough, which is very contagious.

I am not feeling up to making the trip to Florida this weekend. That’s a disappointment. I was looking forward to spending time with curiousmay9, M, and Katie. I’ve never been to the parts of Florida we were going to visit. But with the migraine still present and me feeling worse in all other ways because of it, I’m just not up to travel. I’m hoping that Katie can still go—she definitely wants to!

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