Sam’s Phone, Patches, and Katie

sambear got his phone replaced yesterday, then it went wonky again this morning. He just went back to the company and demanded an entirely new phone, which they finally, reluctantly, gave him.

Patches has discovered the pillows on the ledge under my desk. where I rest my feet. She has decided that is the best place to be, as she’s with me and she feels that she’s in an enclosed space. She’s definitely a Daddy’s girl, or dog, or whatever.

Katie is sliding in and out of pain-killer-laced consciousness. She awoke and got terribly upset because she had drooled in her sleep and got blood on the couch. It certainly wasn’t a big deal to me. Yes, it’ll leave a stain—but I’d rather have her sleeping on the couch where I can check on her easily than in her bed right now.

Cyn is Rick's wife, Katie's Mom, and Esther & Oliver's Mémé. She's also a professional geek, avid reader, fledgling coder, enthusiastic gamer (TTRPGs), occasional singer, and devoted stitcher.
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