Interesting Choice of Goddesses

Indeed, you are 91% erudite, 75% sensual, 70% martial, and 41% saturnine.
Maeve was once thought of as a historical queen but is now considered part of the Celtic mythology. She is usually depicted as either a winged sprite, a beautiful elf, or a human woman dressed in only the finest robes.

She was said to carry two tree-dwelling creatures on either of her shoulders; the squirrel and the raven, resembling her closeness to nature and mysticism. She also frequented the area which was said to hold the entrance to the Otherworld, which is now called the Cave of the Cats.

Maeve is known for an insatiable sexual appetite and boasting openly of sleeping with thirty men in one day. Once she meets the hero Fergus Mac Roich, “Son of Great Horse.” who himself has a sexual appetite large enough to satisfy her, the tale says that “She used to know thirty men every day or go with Fergus once.” So that’s good for her. :3

She is most famous as a protagonist in the story of the “Cattle Raid of Cooley,” which tells of another dispute between her and her husband, the Connaught chieftain Ailill, with whom she would constantly quarrel.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

You scored higher than 93% on erudite
You scored higher than 40% on sensual
You scored higher than 99% on martial
You scored higher than 33% on saturnine

Link: The Mythological Goddess Test written by Nitsuki on Ok Cupid
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