Pan-Dimensional Healing Experience

Some musings about my pan-dimensional healing experience…

I warned kieracaitlyn beforehand that I didn’t expect the kind of spectacular results others have reported‐wings, seeing angels, etc. I’m not a psychic person at all. I’m probably one of the least, um, “exciting” ? pagans you’ll ever meet. I don’t get visions or hear voices‐if I did, I’d hie myself to a padded room! (Not that I think those who do are crazy‐I’d just assume I had gone insane if I ever did experience such things.)

Basic physical stuff:
1) It hurt. Yes, some of the points hurt like a sonofabitch, particularly those in the armpits and‐hmm, what do you call the area halfway between neck and breasts? It’s too low for the collarbone. Anyway, the ones there. Those four points feel very, very bruised, although there’s nothing visible. There’s another point on the right side of my ribs that is darkly bruised. I don’t remember that one as much. The left side of my ribs hurts, but isn’t bruised‐but I’ve had a lot of pain around my ribs and back lately anyway. I know she said the armpit points have to do with survival issues. I don’t know what the others are about.

2) I went goosebumps all over as kieracaitlyn began working, before she’d actually touched me. It felt odd, as though there were some field changing? I’m not sure how to describe it. And my hands and feet went cold in a way that’s different from Raynaud’s Phenomenon.

3) I got a fever after the portals were opened. It lasted until after my bath.

4) At some point after the portals were open I realized that I wasn’t hearing things so well. I hope I didn’t say anything too weird, but isarma‘s voice seemed muffled and she was just a few feet away from me. I tried to speak to people in the kitchen a few times, and they just didn’t seem to hear me, either.

5) I was exhausted, and in fact was falling asleep on Sam’s shoulder before he chased everyone out. I didn’t want to withdraw to the bedroom and get my bath/shower, though‐weird for me, the original introvert. Yes, the company was excellent, but when I’m tired I’m usually even more withdrawn.

What she said:

  • That my root chakra was wholly disconnected, so I couldn’t ground.
  • That I was very unbalanced towards my left side, which means that I repress a lot.
  • She asked if I intentionally suppress my intuition. Well, no, I just thought I didn’t have that much of it.
  • That I had “long portals.” At least, I think that’s what she said. They took a while? I know she opened several.
  • Afterwards:

  • I haven’t taken any Provigil, a very strong atypical stimulant that I usually have to take every day just to cope with life. I forgot on Tuesday and Wednesday, and yesterday I just chose not to take it. And I haven’t missed it. I just keep feeling more and more energy, though.
  • At some point on Wednesday, I think it was, I realized that I was feeling a lot more in my left hand than I’ve felt since 1996. That hand has been almost completely numb since then due to a repetitive strain injury (cubital tunnel syndrome). I can usually just feel pressure, sometimes cold or aching. I’ve cut or burned myself quite a few times without realizing it due to the numbness. The hand doesn’t feel “normal” yet, but I can, for instance, tell the difference between how the fabric of my shirt and the upholstery on my chair feel. That’s absolutely amazing!
  • I moved forward on several things that I’ve been meaning to do, like looking for a new Weight Watchers meeting near here and going to tour the YMCA.
  • I’ve experienced a tremendous feeling of peace, of old things just not being very important. I actually wrote something while in class one day that I may or may not send to some old SOs and post on my web site‐but any anger or resentment about old relationships is simply gone. I retain the memories and what I learned from them, and I don’t really have any desire to bring those people back into my life‐but the joy seems more prominent than the pain now. My boundaries can stay firm without having barriers, if that makes any sense.
  • I feel much more of a desire to reach out and connect with people. Whereas last week I might have thought, “I wonder what X is doing?” this week I’ve actually picked up the phone and called people several times.
  • I generally just hate my body, period. Both the appearance and the way I feel so often. But Tuesday morning, I saw myself naked in the bathroom mirror, and I didn’t hate myself. In fact, I had a moment there where I thought, “Hey, not half bad!”
  • I haven’t had a pain pill since Monday. Part of that is probably due to not having filled my prescription, but I haven’t taken the few I had left, either. I have had to take the muscle relaxants a few times, because random movements set off cascades of spasms that will then keep me up all night if I don’t do something about them. But I’m moving better than I was. I know some of that is having Celebrex (anti-inflammatory) in my system, and some is due to not carrying that great big honking school bag or purse around. But I think some is due to the session, as well.
  • I seem to be more aware of my body‐my posture, or just, “yes, I could get some coffee, and it’s a comfort thing‐but I don’t honestly want/need coffee right now.”
  • So yes, kellinator, I think I’d recommend it to anyone. In fact, I have recommended it to several friends who hadn’t heard of it yet.

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