Pan-Dimensional Healing Experience

Some mus­ings about my pan-dimen­sion­al heal­ing experience…

I warned kier­a­cait­lyn before­hand that I did­n’t expect the kind of spec­tac­u­lar results oth­ers have reported-wings, see­ing angels, etc. I’m not a psy­chic per­son at all. I’m prob­a­bly one of the least, um, “excit­ing” ? pagans you’ll ever meet. I don’t get visions or hear voices-if I did, I’d hie myself to a padded room! (Not that I think those who do are crazy-I’d just assume I had gone insane if I ever did expe­ri­ence such things.)

Basic phys­i­cal stuff:
1) It hurt. Yes, some of the points hurt like a sono­fabitch, par­tic­u­lar­ly those in the armpits and-hmm, what do you call the area halfway between neck and breasts? It’s too low for the col­lar­bone. Any­way, the ones there. Those four points feel very, very bruised, although there’s noth­ing vis­i­ble. There’s anoth­er point on the right side of my ribs that is dark­ly bruised. I don’t remem­ber that one as much. The left side of my ribs hurts, but isn’t bruised-but I’ve had a lot of pain around my ribs and back late­ly any­way. I know she said the armpit points have to do with sur­vival issues. I don’t know what the oth­ers are about.

2) I went goose­bumps all over as kier­a­cait­lyn began work­ing, before she’d actu­al­ly touched me. It felt odd, as though there were some field chang­ing? I’m not sure how to describe it. And my hands and feet went cold in a way that’s dif­fer­ent from Ray­naud’s Phe­nom­e­non.

3) I got a fever after the por­tals were opened. It last­ed until after my bath.

4) At some point after the por­tals were open I real­ized that I was­n’t hear­ing things so well. I hope I did­n’t say any­thing too weird, but isar­ma’s voice seemed muf­fled and she was just a few feet away from me. I tried to speak to peo­ple in the kitchen a few times, and they just did­n’t seem to hear me, either.

5) I was exhaust­ed, and in fact was falling asleep on Sam’s shoul­der before he chased every­one out. I did­n’t want to with­draw to the bed­room and get my bath/shower, though-weird for me, the orig­i­nal intro­vert. Yes, the com­pa­ny was excel­lent, but when I’m tired I’m usu­al­ly even more withdrawn.

What she said:

  • That my root chakra was whol­ly dis­con­nect­ed, so I could­n’t ground.
  • That I was very unbal­anced towards my left side, which means that I repress a lot.
  • She asked if I inten­tion­al­ly sup­press my intu­ition. Well, no, I just thought I did­n’t have that much of it.
  • That I had “long por­tals.” At least, I think that’s what she said. They took a while? I know she opened several.
  • After­wards:

  • I haven’t tak­en any Provig­il, a very strong atyp­i­cal stim­u­lant that I usu­al­ly have to take every day just to cope with life. I for­got on Tues­day and Wednes­day, and yes­ter­day I just chose not to take it. And I haven’t missed it. I just keep feel­ing more and more ener­gy, though.
  • At some point on Wednes­day, I think it was, I real­ized that I was feel­ing a lot more in my left hand than I’ve felt since 1996. That hand has been almost com­plete­ly numb since then due to a repet­i­tive strain injury (cubital tun­nel syn­drome). I can usu­al­ly just feel pres­sure, some­times cold or aching. I’ve cut or burned myself quite a few times with­out real­iz­ing it due to the numb­ness. The hand does­n’t feel “nor­mal” yet, but I can, for instance, tell the dif­fer­ence between how the fab­ric of my shirt and the uphol­stery on my chair feel. That’s absolute­ly amazing!
  • I moved for­ward on sev­er­al things that I’ve been mean­ing to do, like look­ing for a new Weight Watch­ers meet­ing near here and going to tour the YMCA.
  • I’ve expe­ri­enced a tremen­dous feel­ing of peace, of old things just not being very impor­tant. I actu­al­ly wrote some­thing while in class one day that I may or may not send to some old SOs and post on my web site-but any anger or resent­ment about old rela­tion­ships is sim­ply gone. I retain the mem­o­ries and what I learned from them, and I don’t real­ly have any desire to bring those peo­ple back into my life-but the joy seems more promi­nent than the pain now. My bound­aries can stay firm with­out hav­ing bar­ri­ers, if that makes any sense.
  • I feel much more of a desire to reach out and con­nect with peo­ple. Where­as last week I might have thought, “I won­der what X is doing?” this week I’ve actu­al­ly picked up the phone and called peo­ple sev­er­al times.
  • I gen­er­al­ly just hate my body, peri­od. Both the appear­ance and the way I feel so often. But Tues­day morn­ing, I saw myself naked in the bath­room mir­ror, and I did­n’t hate myself. In fact, I had a moment there where I thought, “Hey, not half bad!”
  • I haven’t had a pain pill since Mon­day. Part of that is prob­a­bly due to not hav­ing filled my pre­scrip­tion, but I haven’t tak­en the few I had left, either. I have had to take the mus­cle relax­ants a few times, because ran­dom move­ments set off cas­cades of spasms that will then keep me up all night if I don’t do some­thing about them. But I’m mov­ing bet­ter than I was. I know some of that is hav­ing Cele­brex (anti-inflam­ma­to­ry) in my sys­tem, and some is due to not car­ry­ing that great big honk­ing school bag or purse around. But I think some is due to the ses­sion, as well.
  • I seem to be more aware of my body-my pos­ture, or just, “yes, I could get some cof­fee, and it’s a com­fort thing-but I don’t hon­est­ly want/need cof­fee right now.”
  • So yes, kel­li­na­tor, I think I’d rec­om­mend it to any­one. In fact, I have rec­om­mend­ed it to sev­er­al friends who had­n’t heard of it yet.

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