We got through lots of boxes today and sambear took empty boxes and other stuff to the dumpster. Yay! The shelving is set up in the storage room, and the only stuff that is supposed to be on them is there. Most everything is off the porch, which is good, as it isn’t supposed to be used for storage. I sat out there for a bit today—that was nice.

I found a suitcase that real_pochacco was supposed to pack and take with him to his mother’s house, as well as a box full of the old costumes he and littlefirefae were going to take with them. And lots of dirty laundry (clothing and damp towels) he had stuffed in his closet rather than putting in his hamper—grrr! Ah well—we’d already stripped all three kids’ beds so as to wash all of their linens while they’re gone. They’ll have nice fresh bedding when they get home. It’s just a bit more laundry to do. I’d rather do it now than have it continue to grow bacteria in the dark.

shadowkatt‘s bathing suit is hanging in the hall bathroom, where she put it after swimming yesterday morning. Unfortunately, it should be with her, as she’s on the way to Florida with her grandparents. Whoops. So all three kids didn’t do so well on the packing thing.

sambear and I are looking at an entire week without any children in the house. This is a first in our nearly five years together—even kid-free weekends have been relatively rare! It feels a bit odd, but we’re definitely NOT complaining.

I’m going to go clean the tub, then soak in it. We have clean sheets, too 🙂

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