Med Woes

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I was too lazy to actually cook something for breakfast, but I had to have food before I could have my meds, so I ate a cinnamon swirl sambear brought home from Hardee’s yesterday. I think I’m going to be sick. I’m not big on sweet things for breakfast. I’m not big on fast food. The thing was way too big and even after just half of it I feel gross. Ewww. Yes, laziness is Bad.

It might not just be because of what I ate, though. Any time I don’t get enough sleep, I’m nauseated until I get caught up. I haven’t had enough sleep in, um, four or five days? Partially because of pain levels, and partially because I’m out of my sleepytime meds.

Friday we went to pick up some samples from the doctor’s office because the RX people didn’t have any and we’re waiting for a shipment. They stick all samples in brown paper bags with the patient’s name and the name of the medication written on the outside. I trusted the nurse, who is generally quite clueful, to have put the right medication in the bag.

We got home and it wasn’t the right thing—it was another med with a name that has the same first three letters as my medicine. In fact, it is a medication that I have had a very bad reaction to in the past. So it’s a good thing that Sam and I were both paying attention and I didn’t just take it on autopilot (don’t laugh—it would have been easy to do so, and I know some people would have).

So I’m waiting for their office to open tomorrow and then we’ll have to go all the way to Snellville again to get some. I don’t want to drive that far yet again (40+ miles), and we have to be there on Tuesday anyway, so I think I’ll just wait. So I’ll have to deal with nausea ’til Wednesday, at least. Of course, less sleep means more pain, and more pain means less sleep. Chicken/egg situation.

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