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sam­bear left just before 5:30 to take lit­tle­fire­fae and real_pochacco to the air­port. They’re going for a two-month vis­it with their moth­er — the longest they’ve ever been away. They haven’t spent more than two weeks with her since Sam took cus­tody back in 1997, so this should be inter­est­ing. We’ll miss them.

real_pochacco decid­ed to start pack­ing around 5 am. He was still stuff­ing things in a suit­case as he was going out the door. I’m sure some­thing vital has been left behind, but I did try to be sure that he had things like his med­i­cines with him. Hmmm—wonder if he remem­bered his glass­es? He fre­quent­ly for­gets to even put them on. lit­tle­fire­fae found them on the floor of his bed­room yes­ter­day while he was all the way across town. All three kids are usu­al­ly respon­si­ble for keep­ing up with their laun­dry, but I made sure I washed all the dirty cloth­ing I could find yes­ter­day to make sure that would­n’t be an issue.

We received a copy of some of his med­ical records sent to our address for “Mrs. Hilde­brand-Chupp.” I assume his moth­er request­ed them, so I gave them to him to take to her. I hope they went with him, too.

We’re still in the chaos that is mov­ing. Our lives are in a box some­where. Too much stuff!

The girls love the new place—they spend every minute they can out­side, and are mak­ing friends already. shad­owkatt likes to hang out in the nature pre­serve, but lit­tle­fire­fae only wants to go out if she sees oth­er kids. real_pochacco has­n’t been out­side much, but he does­n’t like that big room with the real­ly high ceil­ing anyway.

shad­owkatt’s grad­u­a­tion from Phase I of the Start Some­thing pro­gram was last night. She kept her speech short and sweet and did quite well. All the kids had to speak (about half of them dropped out when they found out about that) and were sup­posed to keep it to five min­utes. Some of them had a very lib­er­al idea of how long five min­utes is. She got a spe­cial award cer­tifi­cate for “being of ser­vice” in addi­tion to the cer­tifi­cate all the par­tic­i­pants received.

I spent some time brows­ing Girl Cul­ture this morn­ing. Dis­turb­ing, but not sur­pris­ing at all.

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