Post-Filk Report

The house­filk here last night was lots of fun and every­thing went quite well—plenty of food with­out too much (although for some rea­son every­one decid­ed to bring grapes—no com­plaints about them, though!). There were 21 guests here, which was a bet­ter turnout than I expect­ed since a promi­nent local group (Three Weird Sis­ters) had a gig sched­uled at the same time.

sam­bear was so marvelous—he went out and got lots of yum­my food, cheese and fruit and veg­gie trays and dip­ping stuff and even a birth­day cake for GaFiA. And then he pro­vid­ed “admin­is­tra­tive sup­port” for us all evening—making extra copies of words for songs so every­one who want­ed one could have them. And he did a nice ren­di­tion of Gaia Con­sort’s “Sweet Empti­ness.” I do wish some of the local gui­tarists would devel­op a fond­ness for GC so we could do some of their oth­er pieces. Katie and I did Car­ly Simon’s “Life is Eter­nal” with help from lots of oth­er peo­ple (includ­ing Sam). G request­ed the Four Bitchin’ Babes’ “Break­fast Dish­es” but we did­n’t get to it, unfortunately.

I real­ly enjoyed mak­ing music and got a chance to talk a lot more with A, who I’d met briefly before. She invit­ed me to come to a small­er ses­sion with a few oth­er peo­ple where they actu­al­ly work on learn­ing songs togeth­er, which is very attrac­tive to me. So I’ll be attend­ing that in a few weeks, and I’m look­ing for­ward to it.

I was tick­led that auto­graphed­cat came by after the TWS event (I think he’s doing sound for them?) and we got to meet his sweet­ie kitanzi. I was dis­ap­point­ed that we did­n’t see sur­r­dave as he and Rob are pret­ty much my very favorite local singer/guitarists. Had I real­ized ear­li­er that there were trans­porta­tion issues, we would have found a way to make sure Dave could come if he wished to do so.

A major high­light of the evening was meet­ing gor­geous ga_sunshine, her hub­by and both sweet kids. Her son is such a polite young man, and the lit­tle miss is a doll! And then rasilio and _starrgirl_ and Jack­son, who we haven’t seen near­ly enough of late­ly, came by as well. That was great.

elo­rie, if your ears were burn­ing, I was talk­ing about you and the songs you write. I do enjoy your music.

I think we’re going to vol­un­teer to host anoth­er house­filk in March. I was wor­ried that peo­ple would feel cramped because we’ve rearranged the fur­ni­ture a bit since last year and the office area is tak­ing up a lit­tle more space than it did. But some­one told me that when she real­ized whose house this mon­th’s filk was at, she said “Oh! The shut­tle bay!” because appar­ent­ly there is much more space here than in most peo­ple’s homes.

M, who orga­nized the first of the local house­filks here five years ago, is aller­gic to cats so we had to con­fine Shel­ley in our bed­room. She was NOT hap­py. As it turns out, he does­n’t react to kit­tens for some rea­son, so they were allowed to roam and were the hit of the evening. But he did­n’t react to Shel­ley, either, when she was final­ly released at about 2 am (and he was here for anoth­er hour), so maybe he isn’t as aller­gic as he used to be or something.

Oh — we came to a con­sen­sus on names this morn­ing. The most­ly-white cat is Moon­stone and the white with gray patch­es is Mica.

After a big gath­er­ing like the one last night, I always feel some guilt because I did­n’t have enough time to real­ly con­nect with every­one on a per­son­al basis as much as I’d like to. sam­bear says not to wor­ry, because every­body under­stands that such events are real­ly dif­fer­ent from, say, a qui­eter din­ner. But I still feel like I may have slight­ed some­one, and it wor­ries me.

I did­n’t real­ize how late it had gotten—I sup­pose I should get around to eat­ing break­fast, huh? No mat­ter what time I eat it, the first meal of the day is break­fast. It’s the only one I actu­al­ly like, anyway. 

We were hop­ing to game with anoth­er friend today, but it does­n’t look like that’s going to hap­pen. His grand­moth­er just got out of the hos­pi­tal on Thurs­day and he was going to vis­it with her if she felt up to hav­ing com­pa­ny, so I sup­pose she felt up to it. So maybe sam­bear will get to do some writ­ing today instead. At the moment he’s just enjoy­ing the heck out of learn­ing about CSS.

Now, why can’t I find the Bolling Suite for Flute & Jazz Piano Trio CD any­where? The sec­ond suite isn’t the one I want to hear, and the first one is missing.

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