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The housefilk here last night was lots of fun and everything went quite well—plenty of food without too much (although for some reason everyone decided to bring grapes—no complaints about them, though!). There were 21 guests here, which was a better turnout than I expected since a prominent local group (Three Weird Sisters) had a gig scheduled at the same time.

sambear was so marvelous—he went out and got lots of yummy food, cheese and fruit and veggie trays and dipping stuff and even a birthday cake for GaFiA. And then he provided “administrative support” for us all evening—making extra copies of words for songs so everyone who wanted one could have them. And he did a nice rendition of Gaia Consort’s “Sweet Emptiness.” I do wish some of the local guitarists would develop a fondness for GC so we could do some of their other pieces. Katie and I did Carly Simon’s “Life is Eternal” with help from lots of other people (including Sam). G requested the Four Bitchin’ Babes’ “Breakfast Dishes” but we didn’t get to it, unfortunately.

I really enjoyed making music and got a chance to talk a lot more with A, who I’d met briefly before. She invited me to come to a smaller session with a few other people where they actually work on learning songs together, which is very attractive to me. So I’ll be attending that in a few weeks, and I’m looking forward to it.

I was tickled that autographedcat came by after the TWS event (I think he’s doing sound for them?) and we got to meet his sweetie kitanzi. I was disappointed that we didn’t see surrdave as he and Rob are pretty much my very favorite local singer/guitarists. Had I realized earlier that there were transportation issues, we would have found a way to make sure Dave could come if he wished to do so.

A major highlight of the evening was meeting gorgeous ga_sunshine, her hubby and both sweet kids. Her son is such a polite young man, and the little miss is a doll! And then rasilio and _starrgirl_ and Jackson, who we haven’t seen nearly enough of lately, came by as well. That was great.

elorie, if your ears were burning, I was talking about you and the songs you write. I do enjoy your music.

I think we’re going to volunteer to host another housefilk in March. I was worried that people would feel cramped because we’ve rearranged the furniture a bit since last year and the office area is taking up a little more space than it did. But someone told me that when she realized whose house this month’s filk was at, she said “Oh! The shuttle bay!” because apparently there is much more space here than in most people’s homes.

M, who organized the first of the local housefilks here five years ago, is allergic to cats so we had to confine Shelley in our bedroom. She was NOT happy. As it turns out, he doesn’t react to kittens for some reason, so they were allowed to roam and were the hit of the evening. But he didn’t react to Shelley, either, when she was finally released at about 2 am (and he was here for another hour), so maybe he isn’t as allergic as he used to be or something.

Oh – we came to a consensus on names this morning. The mostly-white cat is Moonstone and the white with gray patches is Mica.

After a big gathering like the one last night, I always feel some guilt because I didn’t have enough time to really connect with everyone on a personal basis as much as I’d like to. sambear says not to worry, because everybody understands that such events are really different from, say, a quieter dinner. But I still feel like I may have slighted someone, and it worries me.

I didn’t realize how late it had gotten—I suppose I should get around to eating breakfast, huh? No matter what time I eat it, the first meal of the day is breakfast. It’s the only one I actually like, anyway.

We were hoping to game with another friend today, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. His grandmother just got out of the hospital on Thursday and he was going to visit with her if she felt up to having company, so I suppose she felt up to it. So maybe sambear will get to do some writing today instead. At the moment he’s just enjoying the heck out of learning about CSS.

Now, why can’t I find the Bolling Suite for Flute & Jazz Piano Trio CD anywhere? The second suite isn’t the one I want to hear, and the first one is missing.

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