Meditations on Gratitude

Med­i­ta­tions on Grat­i­tude –O. Eugene Pick­ett, 4th pres­i­dent of UUA, 1979–1985 For the expand­ing grandeur of Cre­ation, worlds known and unknown, galax­ies beyond galax­ies, fill­ing us with awe and chal­leng­ing our imag­i­na­tions: We give thanks this day. For this frag­ile plan­et earth, its times and tides, its sun­sets and sea­sons: We give thanks this day. For the joy […]

Why UU Congregations Are Good Places to Rear Children

For­ma­tive sto­ries that we nev­er heard –Sharon Hwang Col­li­gan God is an old white man in the sky. The world is a bat­tle between good and evil. The spir­it is high­er and bet­ter than the flesh. The spir­it is some­thing sep­a­rate from the flesh. What is impor­tant about man (or about his intel­li­gence, his civ­i­liza­tion, his reli­gion, etc.) is that […]

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