Why UU Congregations Are Good Places to Rear Children

Formative stories that we never heard
–Sharon Hwang Colligan

God is an old white man in the sky.
The world is a battle between good and evil.
The spirit is higher and better than the flesh.
The spirit is something separate from the flesh.
What is important about man (or about his intelligence, his civilization, his religion, etc.) is that he is above the animals (or the women).
The basic animal nature of man is wrong and you must rise above it.
You are going to hell.
You are unworthy.
God is angry.
God doesn’t love you.
God will punish you.
You will be excommunicated.
Fear God.
Sex is a sin.
Masturbation is a sin.
Homosexuality is a sin.
Sex doesn’t belong in church.
Perfection is desirable.
Being better than other people is desirable.
Cleanliness is next to Godliness.
Don’t talk about sex, religion, or politics in nice company.
The body is a hindrance to the spirit.
Your body is weak, ugly, dirty, wrong.
People are born sinful.
Pagan religions, atheism, agnosticism, or other churches are undesirable.
There is only one right religion.
Christianity is better than other religions.
The Bible is better than other good books.
Obey the word of your Lord.
Unquestioning faith is beautiful.
Homosexuality is foreign and frightening.
Religious leaders and church ministers are male.
UUism isn’t a real religion.
UUism is a religion for dry rationalists.
UUism does not offer powerful, ecstatic religious experience.

Text from Children of a Different Tribe – UU Young Adult Developmental Issues

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