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Ever have one of those days when you’ve been extremely busy, but feel like you didn’t really get anything done?

I know, as I look back over my task list, that I did accomplish things. Significant things. Things that involved many phone calls and therefore sapped large quantities of energy from this introvert. I also had a lovely visit with brother-of-choice Ron.

But other than cleaning the kitchen and doing some laundry and other things like that, there’s nothing to really *show* for all that work. And that isn’t as satisfying as saying, “I packed ten boxes!” or, “I got this whole quadrant stitched” or seeing a portion of a closet cleaned out.

We all got haircuts yesterday. Our normal hairdresser had a baby, so she’s off being maternal. We are very much spoiled by her (which is why we’ve continued to drive a fair piece to see her). I don’t like what the new woman did to my hair. It isn’t horrific, but it isn’t *right* either. There’s absolutely no way I’m about to let her color it. Yes, it needs coloring, but I’ll just wait until Wende is back, thankyouverymuch.

Our phone and cable modem provider does not service the new apartment complex. They’d told me they did before, so we could just transfer our account. When I called to actually start doing so, the story was different. So I went about the process of getting new accounts lined up and making sure the power will be switched into our name on time and so on. We won’t be able to keep the current phone number—we’d hoped that we could. We’re moving too far away, though, and the exchange is too different. And we’re going to experience a broadband gap—eeek! Five days or so, at least, using a dial-up connection!

I did call Earthlink about their DSL service, which we could get at the new location. The sales guy couldn’t give me one reason to choose them over having Bellsouth as our DSL line provider and ISP for simplicity’s sake. Perhaps someone should explain the whole “sales” concept to these people?

Ron mentioned that he has a fairly new HP color printer that he grabbed when someone else was putting it in the dumpster. He asked the fellow what was wrong with it, and the guy said, “It got jammed and I didn’t know how to fix it, so I bought a new one.” Wow. That’s quite a paper jam!

We’re going to set the 4th bedroom up as an office unless real_pochacco isn’t with us. We’d like to use the futon as a sofa/guest bed in there, but we need a frame for it. Anyone who has a frame they want to be rid of, please let us know! 🙂

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