Marketing Sam

Some of you, if you read sam­bear’s jour­nal, know that he is seek­ing a job. I want­ed to be sure that oth­ers did.

He’s a writer. He’s a peo­ple per­son. He’s got tons of admin­is­tra­tive expe­ri­ence and has been sup­port­ing com­put­er users for a long time on Win­dows plat­forms, Microsoft and oth­er appli­ca­tions, etc. I’m quite cer­tain he could be cer­ti­fied as an expert-lev­el user on all the Microsoft Office appli­ca­tions if he were to get around to tak­ing their tests. He can do graph­ic design and web pub­lish­ing. He has a fair amount of expe­ri­ence with data­bas­es. He’s mar­velous­ly flex­i­ble. He types over 100 wpm. He is a very, very good teacher/trainer. And he brings a great deal of cheer wher­ev­er he goes, my extro­vert­ed opti­mist. I know he’d be great at any kind of sup­port because he’s capa­ble of main­tain­ing an invin­ci­ble shield of nice no mat­ter how nasty or annoy­ing frus­trat­ed peo­ple get.

Relo­ca­tion isn’t an option. We are com­mit­ted to stay­ing in the Atlanta area—in fact, we’re mov­ing to Cobb or Chero­kee coun­ty soon.

So—I know that some­body out there needs Sam. And I’m trust­ing that get­ting the word of his avail­abil­i­ty out to as many peo­ple as pos­si­ble will help bring him to the atten­tion of the right employ­er. Please help spread the word 🙂

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