I still have an annoying amount of pain and a migraine that’s affecting my vision. I’m afraid to drive when my vision is affected. So I’m stuck at home unless I have a willing chauffeur. I was hoping to go to tonight’s filk, but that may not happen. /end of whinging

Last night we gamed with wordcandlemage for the first time in WAY too long. We’ve missed him!

sambear has taken littlefirefae to an appointment, and should be retrieving real_pochacco from his buddy’s house on the way home. I don’t know if the other boy will come home with him or not – I hope so. He’s wonderful. We’d happily adopt him if given the chance. (Edit: Just got a call from my bear—boys are staying there another night and will come here in the morning.) shadowkatt went off with wordcandlemage to assist in the construction project at curiousmay9‘s place.

Tomorrow the house will be full of kids for a D&D game to celebrate the 28th anniversary of sambear‘s introduction to gaming. His mother gave him the “blue set” of D&D stuff, I think he said, as an Easter gift when he was 8. He’d asked for it. The idea of getting something like that from a parent is still amazing to me and causes me to think more fondly of her.

I think I may return to reading Kushiel’s Avatar. It’s good, but for some reason, it isn’t sucking me in like the first two books of the series. Maybe it’s the headache. I read Cerulean Sins a couple of days ago and it did pull me in just like the rest of the Anita Blake novels. On finishing it, I got the idea that Hamilton is wrapping up the series, or is very close to it—did anyone else? The series really should be shelved in, I dunno, romance? Because there was a lot less plot than relationship/sex stuff.

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