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Are you wear­ing your drag­on undies?

Feng Shui Under­pants Ward Off Evil Spirits
Feb. 7, 2005 — If your horo­scope is look­ing a bit wor­ry­ing for the com­ing Lunar New Year, a Hong Kong com­pa­ny has just the thing to put it right: feng shui underpants.

The lucky smalls have been designed by Yeung Tin Ming, a mas­ter of the ancient Chi­nese craft of spir­it manip­u­la­tion, or feng shui, and will ward off evil spir­its and bring har­mo­ny, claims Life Enhance, a com­pa­ny that seeks to bring the wis­dom of ancient Chi­na to the mass market.

“Our feng shui mas­ter says that hav­ing some­thing lucky in con­tact with your skin would bring spir­i­tu­al bal­ance, so we thought lucky under­pants would be ide­al — they are as inti­mate as you get,” said Amy Law, a spokes­woman for the company.

Feng shui advo­cates believe good for­tune can be gen­er­at­ed by arrang­ing every­day objects in a way that guides invis­i­ble ener­gies and “spir­its” that emanate from all things.

It is a key part of the rit­u­al­ism sur­round­ing the Lunar New Year, as each 12-month cycle ush­ers a dif­fer­ent set of spir­i­tu­al forces and believ­ers will spend time re-arrang­ing fur­ni­ture and sched­ules to opti­mize spir­it flows.

Last week, mil­lions of Chi­nese around the world wel­comed the new year of the roost­er, the next in a recur­ring 12-year horo­log­i­cal cycle each of which is rep­re­sent­ed by a dif­fer­ent ani­mal of the zodiac.

Ancient belief has it that each year reflects the char­ac­ter of its asso­ci­at­ed beast and as roost­ers are con­sid­ered unpre­dictable the com­ing 12 months are expect­ed to volatile.

The under­pants, which come in red, grey and white and in box­ers for men and briefs for women, depict a drag­on on the front in accor­dance with Chi­nese belief that the myth­i­cal crea­tures bal­ance out the errat­ic nature of roosters.

“If you have a drag­on on your under­pants you will be pro­tect­ed,” said Law.

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