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On December 25th, one man won $315 million in a lottery. With that in mind, how would you answer these questions? (I assume the questions mean if I were that person.)

1. What would be the first purchase you make with your newly-won fortune? Why?
Realistically, I’d probably go on a mad shopping spree at the nearest bookstore. But I’d immediately start looking for a house to buy. Or better yet, a place to build a house to suit us.

2. What charities would benefit from your lottery winnings? Why?
Probably the North Georgia Foster Family Support Center, Freebytes, and some pagan organizations.

3. How would you handle the instant celebrity nature of your life, once lottery officials announced your name and shared your photograph with the world?
Information security. In a BIG way. Staff, maybe, to handle those mundane details of life that I’m not so jazzed about (bookkeeping, filing, etc.).

4. Would you expect long-long relatives or friends to resurface once you obtained the winnings? If so, what would you do? If not, why?
I think it’s unlikely—I doubt I have any long-lost relatives. Heck, I’m related to the state of Alabama and most of north Georgia as far as I can tell. Nobody’s lost, we just haven’t all met quite yet. Friends – well, there are some old friends I’d like to hear from, but I doubt they’d be the kind to try to get money from me, so I doubt they’d contact me due to any publicity. I don’t really have a hard time saying no, though.

5. Many lottery winners state that their lives will not change despite winning a huge sum of money…do you think yours would? Why or why not?
Hmm. I think my life would get more physically comfortable in some ways, but my values and the people with whom I associate wouldn’t change at all. sambear would be able to stay home and write full-time, though, and that would be a big positive change for our family. And with him at home, there shouldn’t be any significant barriers to us homeschooling R and G, too, which would be marvelous.

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