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On Decem­ber 25th, one man won $315 mil­lion in a lot­tery. With that in mind, how would you answer these ques­tions? (I assume the ques­tions mean if I were that person.)

1. What would be the first pur­chase you make with your new­ly-won for­tune? Why?
Real­is­ti­cal­ly, I’d prob­a­bly go on a mad shop­ping spree at the near­est book­store. But I’d imme­di­ate­ly start look­ing for a house to buy. Or bet­ter yet, a place to build a house to suit us.

2. What char­i­ties would ben­e­fit from your lot­tery win­nings? Why?
Prob­a­bly the North Geor­gia Fos­ter Fam­i­ly Sup­port Cen­ter, Free­bytes, and some pagan organizations.

3. How would you han­dle the instant celebri­ty nature of your life, once lot­tery offi­cials announced your name and shared your pho­to­graph with the world?
Infor­ma­tion secu­ri­ty. In a BIG way. Staff, maybe, to han­dle those mun­dane details of life that I’m not so jazzed about (book­keep­ing, fil­ing, etc.).

4. Would you expect long-long rel­a­tives or friends to resur­face once you obtained the win­nings? If so, what would you do? If not, why?
I think it’s unlikely—I doubt I have any long-lost rel­a­tives. Heck, I’m relat­ed to the state of Alaba­ma and most of north Geor­gia as far as I can tell. Nobody’s lost, we just haven’t all met quite yet. Friends — well, there are some old friends I’d like to hear from, but I doubt they’d be the kind to try to get mon­ey from me, so I doubt they’d con­tact me due to any pub­lic­i­ty. I don’t real­ly have a hard time say­ing no, though.

5. Many lot­tery win­ners state that their lives will not change despite win­ning a huge sum of money…do you think yours would? Why or why not?
Hmm. I think my life would get more phys­i­cal­ly com­fort­able in some ways, but my val­ues and the peo­ple with whom I asso­ciate would­n’t change at all. sam­bear would be able to stay home and write full-time, though, and that would be a big pos­i­tive change for our fam­i­ly. And with him at home, there should­n’t be any sig­nif­i­cant bar­ri­ers to us home­school­ing R and G, too, which would be marvelous.

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