Weekend Report

Yes, we’ve had another busy, but very good, weekend.

Friday sambear took Katie to Camp Timber Ridge in Mableton for a sleepover and final Girl Scout choir rehearsal with Melinda Carroll before the performances at Six Flags on Saturday. After they got there, they discovered that she didn’t actually have her ticket to Six Flags with her. So Sam had to drive all the way back home, where we tore up her room looking for the ticket (which was in her sock drawer, of all places), then back out to Camp Timber Ridge. He had the code to get into the security gate but quite alarmed the little girls when he entered the all-female bastion to deliver said ticket to Katie.

Since Sam obviously wasn’t going to get home with time to do any gaming, mique_mique stayed home and I did some writing. Saturday morning goddessinga arrived with the passel of kidlets, followed by greyknight‘s father who sweetly brought us a different mattress & box springs for Katie’s bed. We visited for a bit and he went back home. We got the baby beds set up and Katie’s old bed taken down to the garage. greyknight joined us, and later we got a nice visit with mique_mique. I do believe greyknight felt very ganged-up on at some points 🙂

goddessinga was not feeling so well all weekend, so we engaged in loving bullying to make her rest. She is, thankfully, feeling better now.

Sam finished getting dinner for the crew, then went out and retrieved Katie from Six Flags, chauffeuring her to E’s birthday party. Yes, the child has a very busy social life—what was that about homeschooled kids being so isolated, again? I realized today that Katie is now the same age my mother was when she met my father. This is not a happy realization. I think I freaked out relatively quietly, at least.

And I have mentioned lately what an incredible man sambear is? How many people would have done all that driving patiently and been such sweeties? Not many. (He was driving because I’ve been nauseated for most of the week, and it seems to get worse in the car. Okay, there’s also that whole thing about me just not really liking to leave the house if I can avoid it.)

The GA/FL game was televised and, for the first time ever, I think, one of our TVs was actually on and tuned to the game throughout the game. This is true love, folks. Unfortunately, our team lost.

My useable wardrobe has more than doubled thanks to mique_mique‘s generosity! She brought over a bunch of clothes she’s shrunk out of and to my great surprise, they fit! I thought I wore a 26/28, but they’re all 22/24s and fit quite nicely. Even the jeans. The truly shocking thing is that the jeans are all 22/24 petites. Now, I used to wear this same brand, and if I bought the talls I could wear a 22/24, but if I got the regular I had to go up to a 26/28. So why can I wear a 22/24 petite now? Okay, they might be a hair short, but just a hair. And I’m about 5’9″! I think I’m getting shorter with age. But isn’t that supposed to be at a much greater age than almost 36?

Everyone was exceedingly patient with the impromptu fashion show while I tried on the clothes. That was fun. The sexy shirts and that flirty little black dress were a real hit, as was the exceedingly touchable teal sweater. I even got out The Heels while wearing the dress. Yes, I can, in fact, still walk in them (I wasn’t sure).

greyknight, sambear and R loaded Katie’s old bed into mique_mique‘s vehicle so that she could take it home for use in her guest room.

After everybody departed today, Sam and I went to the Trybalaka practice at triadj‘s home, which let us meet Joe and Amy for the first time. Marvelous people and a beautiful place! Practice went well, I think. Soon we should have practice tapes, which will be great, as there are MANY songs to learn. I still find it a bit odd that so many of the members smoke, but they still have incredible voices. I am allergic to smoke, so I don’t tag along during the very social smoke breaks—but then I feel sorta left out and worry that I won’t get to know the others as well as I would otherwise. Damned allergies.

I have to remember to actually Dress, like with make-up and everything, next week. It shouldn’t matter, but I feel more confident that way.

Altogether, despite recent ickiness, life is incredibly good. I am SO blessed. I really want to find more time to spend with all the people I love. I haven’t seen J or Ron in way too long, or A. We don’t get nearly enough time with anyone else, either. I’m really looking forward to Thanksgiving, though, when most all of our family of choice will be together.

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