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The kittens are just too damned cute. Really. It’s distracting. It doesn’t matter what I try to do, I’m sucked into the “oh, look at him/them!” vortex. I got lots of purry cuddles from both of them this morning. Unfortunately, they find the clicky noise of the keyboard irresistible and think typing fingers must be there to be pounced upon.

Zoë wants to play with the kittens. Moonstone is fairly fearless but does not want to be Messed With. He just hisses, and Zoë knows cats well enough to back off immediately. Mica is a little more hesitant and, in fact, is largely traveling through the house via various pieces of furniture in order to avoid the floor, which is Dog Territory. Unfortunately, there is no furniture path from the living room/office to the litterbox. And the kitty food is on the floor in the kitchen. Short of building ramps along the walls a la The Cat’s House, I’m afraid he’s just going to get over it. Fortunately, he does find the need to use the litterbox compelling enough to run along whenever Zoë is elsewhere.

Shelley is still annoyed, but she’s low-key enough these days that she doesn’t attack the kitties or anything. She just hisses if they get too close. Moonstone is quite curious and wishes to sniff her, but he isn’t stupid so he isn’t pushing the issue.

We’ve discovered that kittens aren’t the only ones who enjoy chasing the light from a laser pointer—Zoë never tires of it, either. Shelley just looks at it, then looks at the person with the pointer like “I’m too old for this crap” and goes on about her business.

G’s upset. She really wanted a particular teacher this year and got her. Yay! And yesterday the school sent home a letter stating that because of low enrollment at G’s school, that teacher is moving to a nearby middle school. G has her third-grade teacher again. The lady is nice and was very good about communicating with us, and G doesn’t dislike her. But this teacher is also very strict and very academically rigorous, and G didn’t handle that well at all. The desired teacher said goodbye to the kids yesterday and apparently, there were lots of tears. G forgot to bring home her spelling list so she couldn’t do her homework at first. Fortunately, she managed to remember all 20 words on the list last evening (and it’s pretty darned amazing that she did so!) and I think she got the assignment done.

Happy happy—found the Bolling CD that was lost. It had been alphabetized under Rampal for some odd reason. But G also put Moxy Früvous in F and TMBG under G. Still working on understanding that whole names and filing thing. But then, I’ve know adult office workers (obviously not good ones) who didn’t get that concept.

Yes, I insist that the CDs stay alphabetized. It’s the only way we can find what we want at any given time. No, I’m not a Virgo—I’m so very Scorpio that it isn’t funny, and I don’t think there’s any Virgo presence anywhere in my natal chart. The alphabetizing thing annoyed sambear greatly at first, but I think he likes being able to put his hands on a particular disk immediately now.

The mail server still isn’t working. Or, technically, it responds to POP requests, but I’m not actually receiving any email. Since yesterday afternoon. Vastly annoying. I do hope it’s fixed soon. I’m trying not to bug the sysadmin too very much. But what if his mail isn’t really working either?

I’ve spent entirely too much time reading back through some of my new friends’ older journal entries. And any time I do that, I get the urge to respond to posts but feel silly about doing so if they are more than a couple of days old. But between LJ and the kitties, I haven’t eaten yet today. Oops.

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