Need Some Macintosh Help, Please

The volunteer organization I work with is having everyone use PGP to sign all of their official correspondence. We feel that it’s necessary because someone has altered the content of messages from us, trying to claim that we’re making statements we never made.

That isn’t a problem in most cases—I’ve used PGP for seven years, and have been able to help the PC users get it downloaded, installed, and configured and have led through the process of actually using the software properly. Another of our staffers is Mr. *nix and knows GnuPGP very thoroughly.

But one of our least technical people is a Mac user, and we have no other Mac users on staff. And I’ve never tried to use PGP on a Mac. She says “it won’t launch when I download it” and can’t seem to get any further than that. If I could get physical access to her machine, I’m 99.9% sure I could get it working. But she’s about a thousand miles away from me.

I don’t have access to a Mac. I haven’t used a Mac regularly since, um, 1985-86? And I haven’t supported them since about 1996.

I know some of you are Mac users. Would one of you pretty, pretty please be willing to help us get this working? Thank you!

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