Needy Cat

Katie and Kioshi in 2006
That’s an old photo of Katie and Kioshi. I’m not the family photographer. She is, followed by Sam. But there’s a photo, and this post really needs one.

I’ve enjoyed having the house to myself for the last few days, but there’s been an unexpected complication: the cat is freaking out.

You have to understand that while Kioshi walked up and adopted us during a week when Katie was vacationing with my parents, there hasn’t ever been any doubt that Katie is his special person. As soon as he got inside the house, he went into hiding. We thought it was because of the terrifying older cat, but no—he was waiting for Katie to get home. When she did, he came out of hiding. When she wasn’t at home, he went back into places we never could find (and still can’t, sometimes).

Last year, we all went to Dragon*Con, and Kioshi was boarded with our marvelous vet. He hasn’t ever stayed anywhere but at home before. When we picked him up, he was absolutely pitiful. I fear he didn’t think we were coming back for him, poor little fellow.

He isn’t handling Katie’s absence now well, though. Sam – well, as long as he has plenty of food, he doesn’t really care whether Sam or I are present. But Katie is his person! And she hasn’t been home since Thursday morning! Not at all!

At first, he was okay. By Thursday evening, though, he was at the front windows constantly, watching for her arrival. Then came the vigil at the front door.

At some point, he switched to patrolling the house, looking for her. And calling. Anyone who truly knows cats knows the distress call, the “Oh Bast you’re lost and I can’t find you and you must have fallen in the toilet or something and I told you to avoid all that water and WHERE ARE YOU????!!!!”

Kioshi is normally a silent cat. Truly. He so seldom makes any noise at all that the slightest squeak from him is remarkable. The distress cry is absolutely new. I did not think that he knew how to make it at all.

Now there is the clinginess. He needs me. He needs to be sure that I don’t disappear, too. He’s on my wrists as I type this. For the last twelve hours or so, his passion for being with me constantly has extended to huddling on my feet if I stand still for more than a couple of minutes.

The cat is not normally permitted in our bedroom at all, because I don’t sleep well in the first place and don’t need any added distractions. I don’t know that I can bear to shut him out, though. And if he makes that sound again, all bets are off.

I am SO glad the con is over tomorrow!

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2 thoughts on “Needy Cat

  1. When cats are distressed they can be an absolutely nightmare with the noise they make. We’ve just moved along with our 4 cats and although they don’t seem too bothered with the move overall, one of them constantly vocalises in the highest pitch imaginable.

    It’s really putting our nerves on edge, but I guess he’ll quieten down eventually. We’ve tried using Feliway, which has worked previously, but doesn’t seem to have had an effect at all. Maybe it would work with Kiyoshi though.

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