Personal Update

I don’t just feel like poo. I feel like poo that has been fold­ed, spin­dled, and mutilated.

So I missed my class­es again. I resent that. I actu­al­ly LIKE them!

I did turn in my assign­ments via email, and I’m sim­ply hop­ing that my pro­fes­sor will accept them that way.

I’m going to spend hours in an icky place tomor­row. Part of it is for a med­ical appoint­ment. The rest will be an attempt to fight through the bureau­cra­cy to see why this orga­ni­za­tion has­n’t respond­ed to the request for my med­ical records to sup­port my dis­abil­i­ty claim.

shad­owkatt feels pret­ty nasty, too. She has an appoint­ment with her aller­gist, where­in we will try to find out why this doc­tor pre­scribed asth­ma meds for some­one who has nev­er shown any signs of asth­ma. We under­stand the anti­his­t­a­mine-decon­ges­tant and the Nasonex—but why an addi­tion­al decon­ges­tant as well? It all seems a bit much.

Then my kit­ten goes to have an echocar­dio­gram. I don’t think I’ve ever had one, and have absolute­ly no idea what is involved. As I ful­ly expect that I will still be wrestling bureau­cra­cy at that time, it is VERY good that I have sam­bear and curiousmay9. The Bear will dri­ve the Kit­ten down to meet curiousmay9, who will then shep­herd my baby through the wilds of car­di­ol­o­gy and growl fierce­ly at any­one who does­n’t treat her like the princess she is.

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