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What was her name?

While I was read­ing friends’ updates at Face­book today, some­thing remind­ed me of a girl I knew back in high school. She went to my high school, and as far as I know she was in my grad­u­at­ing class. I didn’t meet her at school, though, and I don’t think our paths crossed there. I knew her from church. She intro­duced me to the guy who became my first hus­band (who she had dat­ed in the recent past).

Now I’m dri­ving myself nuts, because I absolute­ly can­not remem­ber her name! I can see her face, plain as day. I remem­ber that she had a some­what uncom­mon last name. I think she had an old­er broth­er who had been a big deal on the foot­ball team a year or three ahead of us. Why can’t I remem­ber her name?

I’m real­ly bad with names, hon­est­ly. A Face­book appli­ca­tion was ask­ing me to ver­i­fy 130+ peo­ple as high school class­mates, and tru­ly, I didn’t rec­og­nize many of them at all. I didn’t remem­ber most of the peo­ple I saw at our five year reunion. After 25 years? I’m hope­less.

Maybe I should get my old year­books out and look at Face­book and the year­books at the same time. I don’t know that I’d be any bet­ter that way, either. I need con­text for most people—not just a face and a name, but also some­thing like “that guy from home­room who was always draw­ing cars in his note­books” or “that sopra­no who bathed in Emer­aude” or “the cute geeky drum­mer who sel­dom made eye con­tact with any­body” (okay, him I’d rec­og­nize, and I do remem­ber his name).

Our year­books aren’t the sort that list­ed people’s activ­i­ties with their pho­tos. You would have to search through all the activ­i­ty list­ings to find out who did what, which is much more annoy­ing.

3 comments to What was her name?

  • fmarvin32

    I know the feel­ing, espe­cial­ly when brows­ing through people’s pro­files on Face­book or Myspace. Per­son­al­ly i just think that this just means those peo­ple were insignif­i­cant to you even then, and the peo­ple that are sig­nif­i­cant are the ones you already have added. 🙂

  • susannease

    You know, I’m total­ly with you there! I’ve been con­nect­ing via LinkedIn with folks from my col­lege days, and talk about how faces have changed over 20 years! I remem­ber their names and their man­ner­isms, and even con­ver­sa­tions that we had had, but not sure if a col­lege year­book (I only have the one from fresh­man year) would even be any help to my mind’s eye!

  • santamonicalocksmith

    i kno the feel­ing lol too fun­ny , thanks for the psot

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