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Which Day?

It feels like two, real­ly. And Date Night was spent sor­ta gam­ing but most­ly clean­ing, which was a bit of a cheat. We both agreed to it, but it still is!

We slaved like good lit­tle mid­dle-Amer­i­cans all day and evening, clean­ing and declut­ter­ing and oth­er­wise get­ting thing done befo­ere Hope arrives! We’re so excit­ed! (And it’s stuff we need­ed to do any­one, but she’s the most pleas­ant kicik in the pants I’ve ever known.)

GAH! If the key­board made a loud sound at every type, it would have already been in flight. I hope this got to you in a read­able man­ner.

2 comments to Which Day?

  • Ah yes. What we all need from time to time. A pleas­ant kick in the pants. Have fun!

  • Hap­py to help 🙂

    I plan to leave Raleigh about 8am, then head that way. Accord­ing to Google Maps, it’s a 6.5 hour dri­ve, so allow­ing some time for stops or traf­fic, I think I’ll be there by 4 or so. I’m so excit­ed!