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Quotations and WordPress Plugins

I love quo­ta­tions, an out­growth of my love for words and the writ­ten word in par­tic­u­lar. I’ve col­lect­ed an aston­ish­ing num­ber of them over the years, but I nev­er got around to doing much with them. The ones that are already on this site are a very tiny sam­ple.

I’ve spent a lot of time late­ly col­lect­ed all the var­i­ous text files of quo­ta­tions from my hard dri­ve, wed­ding out dupli­cates, and try­ing to ver­i­fy or iden­ti­fy sources.1 Since my brain has­n’t exact­ly been work­ing at a peak lev­el with the whole flu what­sis plus insane pollen lev­els in Atlanta, this project has been a nice, no-crit­i­cal-think­ing-required time filler.

Since I do intend to import all this stuff to the data­base for the site, I had to estab­lish a cut­off point for length. You can imag­ine how some­thing real­ly long would just go weird over there in the side­bar. But what do I do with all the oth­er pieces, the love­ly or thought-pro­vok­ing para­graphs and poems?

I’ve decid­ed to post them here, grad­u­al­ly. Aren’t you lucky? I’ll try to inter­sperse them with “real” posts and use a fair­ly stan­dard sub­ject line and tag for them, so those who don’t like that kind of thing can skip them eas­i­ly.

While I do have cita­tions for most of these pas­sages, I sel­dom remem­ber where I read them. If it was in a newslet­ter you put out, or you post­ed it else­where, please under­stand that I’m not try­ing to slight you, and that I’m grate­ful.

BTW–there are some glar­ing omis­sions from all of the Word­Press quo­ta­tion plu­g­ins I’ve found. For one thing, they don’t sup­port tags or key­words. For anoth­er, they don’t have sep­a­rate fields for authors or sources, so every­thing has to go in the same field as the text—meaning you can’t sort by author.2

I don’t know near­ly enough to mod­i­fy the plu­g­ins, much less write my own. I’m using Ran­dom Quotes, and I’ve down­loaded sev­er­al oth­er plu­g­ins to try. The one that seems most promis­ing so far would appear to be writ­ten in Por­tugese, unfor­tu­nate­ly.3 If you know of a plu­g­in that includes those fea­tures, I’d love to hear about it.

1 One of the dan­gers of the process is that every time I go search­ing for cita­tions, I find more quo­ta­tions to add!

2 Found two that have author and source fields!

3 I’m your stan­dard, mono­lin­gual Amer­i­can

5 comments to Quotations and WordPress Plugins

  • whats is the name of the plu­g­in from which u striked ur words .. ?
    Like this:
    “For anoth­er, they don’t have sep­a­rate fields for authors or sources, so every­thing has to go in the same field as the text—meaning you can’t sort by author.”
    Please let me know !!

  • I’ve got a list of quotes I’ve col­lect­ed too! I need to get them orga­nized in some way. Thanks for the infor­ma­tion about the plu­g­ins — once I get my blog relaunched I need to think about using some­thing like this.

  • I love quo­ta­tions, too 🙂 Every now and then I just refresh your site to see what’ll come up next.

  • cyn

    You know you can read them all, right? 🙂

    I’ve got to inte­grate the ones that are in the data­bas­es for dif­fer­ent sites with the new ones! There are 13,064 in the new file, and I’m try­ing to weed out dupli­cates and make sure the attri­bu­tions are cor­rect.

  • cyn

    Ankit, do you mean how did I do the strikethrough? That isn’t a plu­g­in, just the HTML tag <strike>