Gravatars and Plugins and WordPress, Oh My!

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Since Word­Press 2.5 has Gra­vatar sup­port, I’m attempt­ing to add Gra­vatars to my blog tem­plate. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, I just keep get­ting errors, or a the default “no Gra­vatars” image (even for com­ment authors who I know have Gra­vatars, like me). I’m cer­tain that the author of this tem­plate isn’t going to update it to include sup­port, because her web site and busi­ness are up for sale. She has­n’t ever respond­ed to ques­tions in the past, either, so I fig­ure it’s sil­ly to look for help there.

I tried on anoth­er tem­plate, with the same errors. I real­ly don’t want to switch themes again, because I could­n’t even start to remem­ber every­thing I’ve cus­tomized in this one, and I’d rather not do it all over again. I’m annoyed, though. If any­one can help me, I’d appre­ci­ate it!

Update: Squee! They’re work­ing now! The clue I need­ed was in a post at Weblog Tools Col­lec­tion. Now I can try updat­ing the oth­er blogs!

Oth­er­wise, Now Read­ing is work­ing now, thanks to help from the author. I’m thrilled, as it’s one of my favorite plug-ins. When I get Read­er­Ware set up for us again, I’ll try to fig­ure out a way to export data from it to NR.

Cys­tats is not work­ing, though. I did­n’t even real­ize that it was bro­ken at first, because the error only shows up for users who aren’t logged in. Odd­ly enough, it works on some blogs that are run­ning 2.5, but not this one. The author of that plug-in has­n’t respond­ed to my ques­tions, though. It might be due to a lan­guage bar­ri­er, as his blog is writ­ten in Ger­man. Now it’s work­ing again, as ran­dom­ly as it quit work­ing. Why? Who knows? If you see an error on the site at any time, please com­ment and let me know!

I just real­ized that Live­jour­nal Cross­post also died in the upgrade. For­tu­nate­ly, there’s a fix described in the issues board at the devel­op­ment site that should make it work again.

Now I get to go back and see how many posts did­n’t go to LJ, and try to fix that lit­tle omis­sion.

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When I orig­i­nal­ly looked at this post, I was­n’t logged in, and there was this error mes­sage where the usu­al com­ment box was:

Fatal error: Call to unde­fined func­tion gra­vatar() in /homepages/20/d162322745/htdocs/technomom/wp-content/themes/experimental-silver-10/comments.php on line 75

Now I’m logged in, and no error mes­sages.

I’m glad the blog’s behav­ing again 🙂

SQUEE! I got a cas­cade of Hope com­ments!

That was prob­a­bly while I was work­ing on the imple­men­ta­tion. The post date and time are from when I start­ed writ­ing the post. I stayed up WAY too late futz­ing with it.

Now I just need to get you to go set up a Gra­vatar 🙂

**is tick­led to have caused a Cyn Squee**

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I need my own gra­vatar. I won­der what would be a good one for me

can we make our own gra­vatar and upload it to ??

You make your own and upload it to , and it should show up here or on any oth­er Word­Press site with a Gra­vatar-enabled tem­plate.

I was look­ing for my own gra­vatar and look­ing to find some use­ful infor­ma­tion. Thanks to your blog, I found the answer here.