Stupid School!

I just found out that DeVry didn’t “package” my financial aid for this semester. Huh? I registered the day registration opened, or nearly so, as I recall. I wasn’t scheduled to graduate. I did everything I’m supposed to do, in fact. Somebody there just dropped the ball.

Why isn’t that sort of thing automated so that doesn’t happen? It isn’t as if the place specialized in, oh, technical degrees or anything like that, right?

Then they inform me that because of their mistake, my student loans are also screwed up, and I’m going to end up owing them over $4k for the semester! What?!

Yes, I’m fighting this. That school has screwed up something every single semester I’ve attended it! Unfortunately, so did SPSU. Is this just a given with colleges? They only hire the incompetent, or they don’t honor competence, or what? I know that schools usually pay less than other employers, so maybe they can’t compete and don’t care to try?

For your sakes, I will not upload a recording of the bellow of inarticulate rage this crap provoked. I think it would have broken my microphone, anyway.

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2 thoughts on “Stupid School!

  1. I think it’s a combination of little incentive to competence in financial aid offices, and private industry pays better.

    ARG!!! Financial aid is maddening. That’s one of the advantages on attending in-person, I think. When you physically walk into the office, folks suddenly realize you’re a human being – at least they did at UNCG – and things got solved. Maybe it would help to bring up ADA? That kind of thing often get bureaucracies moving, too.

  2. I attended classes in person during my first semester at DeVry, and the whole time I was at SPSU. I spent a LOT of time in various offices trying to get things fixed. I got to know every full-time employee in the financial aid department at SPSU!

    I’ve used the ADA stick in the past, but I don’t see how it could help this time. I think I may have to contact the corporate president’s office again. They’re in Illinois or Michigan or somewhere (can’t remember right now), so I can’t just walk in physically–but I know how to fax, email, and phone until I force an answer.

    It just takes too danged much energy!

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