Calling All Scrappers!

This request came across one of my lists, so I’m pass­ing it on with Ms. Med­ley-Rath’s per­mis­sion. Please pass it on to oth­ers you know, too!

Are you a scrap­book­er or some­one who works in the scrap­book indus­try? I want to talk to you! I plan to uncov­er how, why, and what peo­ple scrap­book. I am look­ing to inter­view about 40 scrap­book­ers and 10 peo­ple who work in the scrap­book indus­try. This research project is being con­duct­ed by Stephanie Med­ley-Rath as part of her doc­tor­al pro­gram in soci­ol­o­gy at Geor­gia State Uni­ver­si­ty. For more details, con­tact Stephanie at 404–538-9760 or

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One thought on “Calling All Scrappers!

  1. That’s pret­ty cool — the soci­ol­o­gy of scrap­book­ing :) It’s not real­ly some­thing I do, though.

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