TechShop, Photography Advice, Postsingular, NoDryClean, and Verizon FIOS Danger

Disparate thoughts from a very low energy day. In fact, it was so low-energy that I thought I posted this entry last night, and never did.

I has a fever. Do Not Want. Blah. Can’t brain. Short attention span means you just get links and such. Good links, but links.

Have you heard of TechShop? They describe themselves as TechShop is a fully-equipped open-access workshop and creative environment that lets you drop in any time and work on your own projects at your own pace. It is like a health club with tools and equipment instead of exercise equipment…or a Kinko’s for geeks.

I’d heard of them before, but looking at some photos of just a little of the equipment makes me really, really want to see what Sam, Katie, and some of you other creative local geeks would do there. They’re opening locations in some new states, but Atlanta isn’t on the list. Yet. Tell them you want a TechShop here! Or maybe one of you wants to actually open one?

Everything Is Subject and Kicking Off Your Shoes is the first of a series of articles for photographers by Ben Lifson. Even I even learned a few things, and I’m just a point-and-shoot girl.

For mah man: Rudy Rucker’s latest novel, Postsingular, is available for download on his website. You can buy it, of course, but you don’t have to unless you want a printed copy (Amazon is cheaper than printing out the whole thing yourself). Rucker calls it psipunk.

Did you know that there’s a much safer alternative to dry-cleaning? There is, and NoDryClean will help you find a place near you that does it. There aren’t many of them in metro Atlanta yet, but thankfully we seldom have a need for it.

If you live in an area served by Verizon, you might want to think twice before allowing that company or its contractors to install anything for you. FIOS means Fire Is Our Specialty, according to Network World editor Paul McNamara.

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