Not Quite Yummy, Not Quite Gross

A few weeks ago, I acquired almost a month of Medifast diabetic foods via Freecycle. I’d been considering giving Medifast a try, but the price is a bit much for a “try.” The post seemed meant for me, so I’m trying it.

One problem with dieting is that I just hate dealing with food, period. That’s why I had so much trouble getting enough “points” when doing Weight Watchers. My metabolism is really, really slow as a result. Not really having to think about the food, or mess with it much, works for me. That’s what SlimFast worked back when I was unhealthily skinny.

So anyway, there’s a fair amount of food in this bag that I won’t be trying if anyone wants it. I’m still too picky, no matter how easy the food is to make, to eat chili and some other things. But I’ve had a chance to read the boxes and verify that there’s no aspartame in the foods (something I worried about), and so far I’m not getting a migraine after having the first shake. It’s no worse than SlimFast was, and didn’t involve milk.

I’ll need to get a blender or shaker thing or something of that sort because I didn’t really get it mixed properly. But it ain’t bad, and according to the labels, between the shakes and the “snack bars” I’d be getting a far more balanced diet than I do now. As long as I remember to consume them, which is always the rub with me.

Yes, I’ll talk to my doctor. No, I’m not trying to get skinny, just to lose a little weight, as I’ve been doing gradually anyway—I just hit a plateau. I’m not worried about looking like Katie, but I do intend to live a good, long time. And I do need to show the doctors that I’m serious about taking care of myself. They’re weight-obsessed. I know that weight loss isn’t a magic cure-all, but they don’t. We’ll see.

Does anybody want some Medifast foodstuffs? One box each of Cream of Broccoli Soup, Minestrone, and Homestyle Chili is available.

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