Responses to various comments about ME and FMS

Some of the com­ments are pret­ty old by now, but there are cer­tain themes that come back, over and over again. I’ve decid­ed to answer them once, and that’s it. ME and FMS are not “lifestyle” dis­eases. Researchers have found genet­ic, neu­ro­log­i­cal, and car­di­o­log­i­cal anom­alies, so get off that blame-the-vic­­tim bull­shit. We know bet­ter. We’ve […]

Not Quite Yummy, Not Quite Gross

A few weeks ago, I acquired almost a month of Med­i­fast dia­bet­ic foods via Freecy­cle. I’d been con­sid­er­ing giv­ing Med­i­fast a try, but the price is a bit much for a “try.” The post seemed meant for me, so I’m try­ing it. One prob­lem with diet­ing is that I just hate deal­ing with food, peri­od. That’s […]

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