I’m Feeling Better!

(I think I’ve already used “Not Dead Yet” as a title, and I real­ly don’t like to be too repet­i­tive.) I haven’t been post­ing much, and it isn’t real­ly because I haven’t had any­thing at all to say. In fact, I’ve repeat­ed­ly start­ed to write posts. In fact, I’ve fin­ished writ­ing some posts—but each time, I’ve been side­tracked by the fact that the bit of geek mag­ic that makes my words post here and to my LJ account is bro­ken. I did a cou­ple of posts by hand, but that’s inel­e­gant. Hence, the pub­lic has been deprived of my wis­dom. There, there now. It will be all right. Truly.

I received a note from an old friend here today. I’m try­ing to remem­ber how long it’s been since we were in touch—definitely more than a decade, but 12 years? 13? Time does fly. It will be inter­est­ing to hear how his life is these days.

Noth­ing earth-shat­ter­ing to tell, hon­est­ly. I can’t tru­ly remem­ber what I have and haven’t shared with the world at large, which often seems to be nar­rowed down to Sam, Katie, and the mer­ry-go-round of health pro­fes­sion­als I get to see. Well, there are also the myr­i­ad per­sons who pop­u­late Katie’s social life, who I’ve giv­en up enu­mer­at­ing. I think it speaks well for her that while there are fre­quent new faces, few of them ever leave. It makes it dif­fi­cult for me to keep up with them because there are so many! I know and have reg­u­lar con­tact with lots of peo­ple, and of course, I val­ue the con­tact we have online, but I don’t often get to see you with my own eyes and hug you with my own arms, and I am a tac­tile per­son at heart.

I’ve logged on to Sec­ond Life again a cou­ple of times. Sam has returned to reg­u­lar use of it. Voice chat does not make any­thing eas­i­er for me there. In fact, it’s a bit worse, because I can’t go back and catch what I’ve missed in the logs. Sam did mar­velous work (thank you, love!) in chang­ing my avatar for me so that she looks far more real­is­tic, which I great­ly pre­fer. I hate the whole porn star look that most females sport in SL. For one thing, it’s damned bor­ing. For anoth­er, I feel that it’s ridicu­lous­ly dis­hon­est. Yes, I sup­pose one could just look at it as a fan­ta­sy life, but I don’t real­ly fan­ta­size about look­ing that way, so it does­n’t do a thing for me. The whole avatar busi­ness is sil­ly, for me. I’d rather just com­mu­ni­cate with­out play­ing around with dolls. But obvi­ous­ly, I’m in the minority.

I’ve been read­ing, of course. I read the Kathy Reichs books on which the TV series Bones is based. I enjoy both, or I would­n’t have read the whole series (obvi­ous­ly), but they have very lit­tle in com­mon oth­er than the fact that the main char­ac­ter is named Tem­per­ance Bren­nan and she is a foren­sic anthro­pol­o­gist. The Bren­nan of the books is in her 40s (mid to late, I think—she has a daugh­ter in her 20s), is almost divorced, and splits her time between North Car­oli­na and Mon­tre­al. She con­sults with law enforce­ment in both juris­dic­tions. Her per­son­al­i­ty and back­ground are com­plete­ly dis­sim­i­lar to the TV Tem­per­ance (played by Emi­ly Deschanel), who lives in the D.C. area and works at the Jef­fer­son Insti­tute, backed by Agent Booth of the F.B.I. I don’t recall hear­ing Tem­per­ance’s age, but IMDB says she was born in 1976, which would make her more than a decade younger than the books’ hero­ine. I’m not ter­ri­bly sur­prised to see that there’s at least one book out based on the tele­vi­sion ver­sion, authored by Max Allan Collins (I think, I’m not feel­ing like look­ing that up at the moment). There’s also far less humor in the books, which are much dark­er in gen­er­al. If pushed, I’d have to say that I pre­fer the tele­vi­sion series a bit, but both ver­sions are valid for what they are.

I’m get­ting new glass­es! I found some frames I like on eBay, of all places, so they’re in the mail. When they arrive I’ll order lens­es to go in them. Since they’ll be my first bifo­cals, I fig­ure I should­n’t try order­ing the lens­es online for the first time, as well.

I might even try con­tacts again. I had plugs put in my tear ducts, which along with eye drops will hope­ful­ly help resolve the dry eyes prob­lem enough to try them. 1Sjo­gren’s syn­drome, I do not love you. If that isn’t enough, I’m start­ing aller­gy shots again in a cou­ple of weeks, and the aller­gist insists that if I do the shots faith­ful­ly twice a week my aller­gies will improve with­in three to six months, at which time I will try con­tacts yet again. And I’m told that there are con­tact-safe anti-aller­gen eye­drops now, too—when I was wear­ing lens­es years ago, I had one eye doc­tor who would mix up some of those, espe­cial­ly for me, and when he moved out of state I was out of luck and could­n’t tol­er­ate the lens­es any­more. I miss periph­er­al vision!

Sam and I watched Julie & Julia last month (I think? I’ve gone from hav­ing no sense of time in the minutes/hours sense to hav­ing no sense of days, weeks, and months!). I had noticed it as some­thing he might enjoy, so I put it in the Net­flix queue. As it turned out, we both enjoyed it great­ly. It is a movie about food, but it’s also a sto­ry about two won­der­ful cou­ples, a writer’s process, and Julia Child, who I already knew to be a fas­ci­nat­ing woman (and about whom I’d still love to know more). It’s a dif­fi­cult movie to watch just as I’d giv­en up sug­ar and gone mod­er­ate­ly low-car­bo­hy­drate, though!

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